Hughesy, We Have A Problem February 15

Because Gary Busey’s pet parakeet attacking his owner right on cue and Carole Baskin asking for money-making tips wasn’t enough, the ridiculous antics of Hughesy, We Have A Problem roll right on.

Infamous adult film star and director, author, former exotic dancer and ex-President liaison, Stormy Daniels, Zooms in to Hughesy and his panel of comedic problem solvers. We can only wonder what kind of advice they can bestow on one of the most talked about women in America.

This Monday, our main man is once again joined by regulars Becky Lucas and Nazeem Hussain along with the hysterically outspoken Em Rusciano and host of The Amazing Race Australia, Beau Ryan.

Also sharing their burdens with Australia is YouTube sensation Nat’s What I Reckon: the expert on no-nonsense cooking demonstrations with a healthy dose of taking the mickey. We think he’ll fit right in on this show.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem. Monday, 15 February At 8.30pm On 10