Hughesy, We Have A Problem Feb 27

Hughesy, We Have A Problem Feb 27

New week, new problems. Join Dave “Hughesy” Hughes as he dices and slices the messiness of modern life.

On Monday, Tanya Hennessy, Harley Breen, Denise Scott and Sam Simmons will lend Hughesy a hand as they tackle a fresh batch of problems.

From an environmental group looking for some more followers, to a naughty neighbour and a couple that have been engaged for seven years, the panel put their heads together to work out a solution to any and every issue.

Our panel even bring their own problems to the table. Sam Simmons vents his issue with gender-neutral parenting, Denise Scott gets put through an “unforgettable” memory test, while Hughesy seeks professional help to improve his woeful dancing. Plus, the panel help a mystery celeb.

9:pm Monday on 10