Hughesy, We Have A Problem April 13

Hughesy, We Have A Problem April 13

On Monday’s episode of Hughesy, We Have A Problem, Nazeem Hussain, Cal Wilson, Ross Noble and Sarah Harris get straight to the bunny business.

Hughesy and his guests decide whether it’s acceptable to eat your children’s Easter eggs, and Sarah Harris reveals her husband wants her to dye her hair to the same colour as his ex-girlfriend. (Talk about a case of the eggs, we mean ex!)

Then, Hughesy reveals he has trouble giving things up, and the panel help an audience member build up the courage to tell her mum she’s an erotic writer.

So, while you’re lying there on Easter Monday, with a belly full of your kids’ Easter eggs, flick over to 10 and unwind with Hughesy.

Hughesy, We Have A Problem.
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