How To Stay Married Returns

How To Stay Married Returns

Tonight, 10 returns to the deeply funny How To Stay Married for a third season.

When we pick up with the Butler family, six months have passed since Em’s (Lisa McCune) book ‘My S*it Husband’ was sent to Reese Witherspoon to option the rights. Meanwhile Greg (Peter Helliar) has started a podcast and bought some merchandise. Has Reese made the call? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Greg drops Chloe at school, not following the new drop-off producers, which angers perfect parent and overachieving President of the Parents & Friends Committee, Luna Keys (Casey Donovan). Later that day, he suspects Chloe (Vivien Turner) is being bullied but is this really the case? Elsewhere, Em throws herself into helping Sophie (Willow Ryan-Fuller) prepare for her very first job interview.

It’s a welcome return for the Butlers for another round of funny and relatable installments. The addition of Casey Donovan is a surprisingly refreshing one and she fits into an already established cast so naturally.

How To Stay Married returns 8:40pm tonight on 10.


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