Housemates strip after Annelise avoids eviction

Housemates strip after Annelise avoids eviction

Tonight on Big Brother , the housemates stripped as a result of Annelise tapping out of the eviction race, a second housemate said goodbye and two new bombshells entered the house.

Mineé romantically connected with Louis, while Lewis turned his attentions away from AnnaSophia and towards his new BFF, Graciemae.

As tensions ran high with Annelise, Zach and AnnaSophia nominated for eviction, Mineé and Graciemae lifted the mood by comically commentating as they salivated over the boys working out.

Big Brother arranged a tennis date for Lewis and Graciemae where the pair’s friendship grew, as they rallied and enjoyed cakes, pastries and Pimm’s. However, the date turned sour as the balls began to pelt at the pair, forcing them to don helmets and protect themselves.

Louis and Mineé enjoyed a high tea in the garden, where Louis confessed romance doesn’t comes naturally to him. He stumbled through the awkward date, before kissing Mineé on the sofa in the backyard. 

Nominees AnnaSophia, Zach and Annelise faced a moral dilemma: one of them could push a buzzer to save themselves from elimination and face a consequence later. Annelise pushed the buzzer, saving herself, with Zach and AnnaSophia were left with a 50/50 chance of being evicted.

Annelise’s consequence saw the housemates (except her) stripped of their clothes and told to wear only swimmers until further notice. The housemates felt highly exposed, except for Dion, who donned a garbage bag.

In the eviction ceremony, with the Housemates still only wearing their swimmers, they voted AnnaSophia out – 10 to 1.

Just when the housemates thought the drama for the night was over, Big Brother announced a new King and Queen to reign the house…. intruders Teejay and Bella.


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