House Rules units deliver a twist

House Rules units deliver a twist

So house reveals from this week on wards should mean elimination but nope 

Bomber and Mel breathed a huge sigh of relief tonight as the pair was saved from expected elimination on House Rules following their poor showing in a four-day make-over challenge.

The five remaining teams were tasked with transforming a unit each in a Sydney apartment complex with a limited budget and an even tighter turnaround.

While all homeowners were delighted with their new surrounds despite some efforts being off-brief, their input held no sway in the results. Only the scores of House Rules judges‟ Joe Snell and Wendy Moore were tallied.

After twice securing a „9‟ from Wendy for their efforts in North Queensland and Tasmania, she finally gifted Candy and Ryan “the elusive 10” for their work in the home of single work-at-home „insect lover‟, Monica,giving them their first win of the competition.

“From the moment I walked into Monica‟s lounge room I knew you guys completely understood the brief,”Wendy said. Joe agreed, saying the space was “colourful, confident, and well designed”. He scored them a „9‟.

„Dark horses‟ Lisa and Adam continued their recent strong form when renovating the home of cash-strappednew parents Eleanor and Michael. Praised for their kitchen, nursery and bedroom design, they received a combined score of 15 to finish in second place.

Only two points separated teams WA and QLD, who finished third and fourth respectively. Carole and Russell‟s use of commercial shelving throughout their unit was their downfall, while Maddi and Lloyd were penalised for ignoring their “rustic Italian” brief.

But it was the drama-charged duo from South Australia who the judges found most at fault. Bomber and Mel admitted they were “out of their comfort zone” designing a home for a family of four keen to showcase their Nepalese heritage. And Wendy and Joe agreed, scoring them a combined „8‟ for their efforts.

“I think Bomber and Mel have done what is possibly the worst room we‟ve seen,” said Wendy. Joe also found little to applaud in the unit saying the choice of dark paint and furniture was “oppressive” and “depressing”.

Clearly infuriated by the comments, the couple took issue with the judges‟ appraisal. “They reckon we didn‟t follow the design brief at all, which I think is a load of you know what,” said Bomber.

The couple were kept sweating until the show‟s final minutes before host Johanna Griggs advised they had been spared elimination and the scores would be carried into the next phase of the competition: the 24-hour fix-up challenge.

Each team will return to their renovated home and with a limited budget and just 24 hours, they must choose one zone to change to impress the judges. As the victors of the unit makeover challenge, Candy and Ryan will receive an extra $1,000 towards their makeover budget

The current leaderboard with Home Beautiful editor Wendy Moore and architect Joe Snell‟s scores is:

home uint makeover

House Rules continues Sunday at 6.30pm with the 24-hour fix-up challenge, where the remaining teams must return to their renovated homes and choose one zone to change. The reveals will be on Monday at 7.30pm when another team will be eliminated.




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