House Rules Tasmanian Reveal leads to a meltdown

As the House Rules teams keep delivering stunning reveals it’s getting harder to pick a winner.

This week the teams traveled to Tasmania to makeover Sean and Ella’s house but it wasn’t without drama as the judges had very mixed opinions.  Zone’s this week were decided by Aaron and Daniella who also handed out the  Nordic-themed Guest Bedroom – to Troy & Bec.

Zone 1: Aaron & Daniella – Kitchen, Entry

Entry: It was “House Rule heaven” and on-brand. The statement piece was weak, LLB would put it in the rubbish bin. However overall they liked it.

Kitchen: LLB thought it was boring. “I’m not in love with this, it’s a bit pedestrian. It’s a bit ordinary.” “This looks like it’s come out of a catalogue.” Drew liked it but didn’t think it hit the house rules. LLB was disappointed with the wood used for the coffee bench.

Score 22/30

Zone 2: Troy & Bec – Bathroom, Study, Guest Bedroom (Bonus Room)

Bathroom: Wendy found the colour palette uncomfortable. LLB hated the grey tile wall: “Something like that is inescapably horrid.” Drew said the plan is a bit of a problem, everything was either too tight or too small. He didn’t like the fake plant: “It’s nice to see plants around a bath, but that is one of the strangest interpretations of that I’ve ever seen.” LLB agreed with Drew on the strange layout: “You’ve got this very weird situation which is the loo, which is probably in the splash zone of the shower. Have you ever sat on a wet toilet seat and enjoyed it?”

The Study: LLB said straight away “it’s bad news”. The judges thought it had elements leading to a good zone but the execution wasn’t quite right. LLB: “I want to be happy, I want to be positive, but this is not good.”

Bonus room – Nordic hideaway guest bedroom: Judges thought the room answered the house rule perfectly, and that it was a very calming room. They loved the artwork, and the paint detail and finishes were amazing. Wendy: “I love this artwork, because it’s so atmospheric. It’s adds a real sense of perspective to the room.”

Score 21/30
Zone 3: Kate & Harry – Dining Room, Ensuite

Dining Room: Drew didn’t think it was Scandi. LLB disagreed: “This oozes Scandi to me.” Wendy loved the colour scheme and the pink, however she didn’t like the table top because it wasn’t authentic, real wood would have been better. Drew and Wendy hated the feature wall and LLB loved it. Drew: “(The feature wall) is just pine, and looks cheap and nasty.” They loved the light statement piece. Overall LLB was “hugely impressed” by the room and said it was “borderline evil genius.

Ensuite: Wendy loved it and thought the tiles made it feel simple and calm. Wendy: “I think it’s an incredibly successful layout, and a beautiful design.” LLB: “This is a star to me. I think that this is just brilliant.”

Score 25/30

Zone 4: Fiona & Nicole – Lounge Room, Hallway

Loungeroom: All three judges generally liked the room, but absolutely loved the sofa, it was perfect for the space and the house rules. LLB: “I love that sofa so much I’d go on a date with it.” Wendy: “I have sofa envy; I want that sofa.”  The only thing they didn’t like in their room was the statement piece coffee table; it was too small.

Hallway: It worked, the judges loved it and thought the girls are finally designing for the home owners. Wendy: “It’s amazing“Simplicity ruled here and it was the right direction to take.”

Score 21/30

Zone 5: Andrew & Jono – Master Bedroom, Laundry

Bedroom: The judges all loved the room and the raised ceiling. Drew said it was “the best room he has seen so far.” Wendy and LLB hated the lights, they looked “messy and unsophisticated.” LLB: “That (the lights) is absolutely ridiculous, and they need to be punished.”  LLB hated the pallet on the bottom of the bed, it was “wrong, and not Scandinavian. It’s sort of old fashioned New York kind of loft, and impractical, and horrible.”

The Laundry: Wendy loved it, and LLB loved the colour scheme. Wendy thought Andrew and Jono had made a style statement this week. “I think it’s heavily Scandi in here. Not so much Industrial but that doesn’t bother me.”

 Score 24/30.

Update May 30 with Sean and Ella’s reaction and Troy’s Tantrum.

Far out that was an intense episode last night so let’s quickly recap Sean and Ella’s thoughts and get to the shocking fallout.

Aaron and Daniella:

·       The entry: They loved it, especially the timber wall. Sean was speechless.

·       Kitchen:They were very excited. Ella: “This is like a dream.”  They’ve ticked all the house rules with marble, concrete and an industrial vibe. Sean said the only downside of the kitchen was that the benchtop by the window could have been the upcycled piece. Ella: “It was a little bit of a lost opportunity…but overall they have smashed it, it looks amazing.”

Score 8/10

Andrew and Jono:

·       Laundry: They loved the tiles on the wall and the upcycled branch, however Ella couldn’t reach the height of the dryer so the practicality was not great. Ella: “I’ll just wear stilettos when I do the laundry.”

·       Master bedroom:The high ceiling was amazing and they liked the chair as the statement piece. Sean was impressed by the upcycled crate underneath the bed. They liked that the window was gone to eliminate noise from the highway and even commented how quiet it was. Ella’s only critique was that there was no mirror.

Score 7/10

Fiona and Nicole:

·       Hallway:Ella thinks that “someone is trying to take the mickey” out of her with the shrine and the antlers, after the first renovation in VIC where Fiona and Nicole hated the taxidermy deer-head that Sean and Ella created for them.

·       Loungeroom: They both loved the couch, but were surprised they kept the coffee table after critiquing it earlier. They don’t know much industrial theme is in the room. Ella: “Overall I think this zone is going to be hard to score. They haven’t really hit a lot of the house rules.”

Score 4/10

Troy and Bec:

·       Bathroom: Ella thought the floor tiles were too blue and they both agreed the room felt cramped. Sean commented that functionally, they had done a good job and they have a good bathroom.

·       Study: Sean was not the biggest fan of the fake brick wallpaper. They really liked the chair and the fact they kept their old table as the upcycled piece, however they didn’t like the way Troy and Bec modified the table and said they had “almost ruined it.”

·       Bonus room: They loved the colour scheme and the idea of the room, but were not sure if it was executed correctly. Ella: “I feel like they’ve gone for a white Christmas vibe in here, but I just don’t know about the styling, I just don’t think it’s us.” 

Score 4/10 and they lost 5 points for failing their bonus room.

Kate and Harry:

·       Dining Room: They thought the feature wall was great. It hit the house rules with soft pink and an industrial vibe. Sean “I can’t really fault this team. They have been right on the money with the House Rules.”

·       Ensuite:Sean didn’t mind the pink tiles: “I didn’t think I liked pink tiles, but it turns out I do.” They stuck to the industrial Scandi vibe. The only critique they had is there was no storage, but overall they both love it. Ella: “(We are) Lucky, lucky, lucky.”

Score 9/10

Upon hearing their score Troy who was quietly fuming  was asked by Joh who asked Troy you look like you’re steaming, what did you think about the comments?” “I seem to think that they know we’ve done that zone, personally,” Troy responded” To the camera, Troy said  “A measly four, blow it out your arsehole and shove it where the sun don’t shine.”  and with that Troy and Bec left homebase and everyone shocked. But don’t be concerned.

Oh and here’s how the scores ended up