House Rules Season One – The Penultimate Episode

House Rules Season One – The Penultimate Episode

Tonight, Jemma & Ben and Nick & Chris’ gardens will be renovated and at the end of this episode, two will go home. Who will progress to the grand final?

Tonight, Michelle & Steve will pair with Jemma & Ben to renovate Nick & Chris’ house while Jemma & Ben’s abode will be styled by the brothers and Carly & Leighton.

The ‘Garden Rules’ given to the contestants by Nick & Chris state that they want a modernised Californian bungalow, a low-maintenance garden, a café style courtyard and a vegetable patch. Jemma & Ben want a private backyard, an entertainment area, a welcoming front and an exterior revival.

Jemma & Ben will be working on Nick & Chris’ backyard, giving Michelle & Steve the front as well as the side to plant a vegetable patch in while Carly & Leighton get Jemma & Ben’s front yard with the boys out the back.

Problems come thick and fast at Jemma & Ben’s house with Leighton finding the whole fence to be unaligned. Things are going so-far-so-good in VIC with Ben starting work on the fire pit the boys wanted. Not all is going well however. Michelle & Steve find out the driveway’s foundation is crappy due to a stormwater drain issue. Luckily, the problem can be fixed. Meanwhile, back in WA, the brothers go plant shopping. Yeah, that’s going to end well!

Michelle & Steve make a vertical garden purchase they want to keep hidden from Jemma & Ben.

On the final day, work is at panic stations. Michelle & Steve think the driveway is too plain, so they get to work rectifying that. Jemma realises that their wonderful herb garden is not an original, as Michelle & Steve are doing one as well!

Jo turns up in WA as the final hour looms. Chester and Caroline are on hand in VIC. Work is rushed but soon, all is done.

To the judging and Melbourne is first. They like the front garden however it is a little plain. Michelle’s herb garden is a hit. They seem to like the back better however they notice some unfinished steps and a sparse herb garden. The brothers are happy with the effort.

To Jemma & Ben’s home and the front is loved by the judges except for the fact the gate to the front yard is not aligned with the door. They love the frangipani idea Carly & Leighton had. The effort the boys did out the back was impressive. Jemma & Ben are happy with the effort with Jemma crying.

To the scores:

Carly & Leighton: Two 9’s. 18.

Nick & Chris: 8 + 7 = 15

Michelle & Steve: 8 + 7 = 15

Jemma & Ben: 6 + 5 = 11

To the final scores now and added up with the last attempt, Jemma & Ben and Nick & Chris score the lowest and are eliminated. This means SA’s Carly & Leighton (YAY!!!) and NSW’s Michelle & Steve are in the final tomorrow!