House Rules reveals the warehouse

House Rules reveals the warehouse

Last night House Rules staged its first reveal of the season.

In the first challenge, the teams had three days to renovate a room each in a warehouse apartment (which is above their new home base). The highest scoring team will receive an advantage for the first interior renovation.

House Rules
Rule 1 Expose the warehouse
Rule 2 Show us what’s “hot” right now
Rule 3 Create a jewel in each room
Rule 4 Breathe life back in with colour
Rule 5 Stay together at all times

MIKAELA & ELIZA (WA) – Bedroom 3

Jamie: “It was an amazing job, the way you sculpted that wall with fibre cement sheeting. Hats off to both of you.”

LLB  “There were some phenomenally clever but simple choices, like the beam on the ceiling. Where have you been hiding your talent all these years?”

Wendy “I walked into this room and thought ‘wow’.”



Jamie: “I love what they’ve done with the study, I think that’s beautiful interior architecture.”

LLB: “Everywhere I look, I keep being surprised, they’ve understood the brief. I think they’ve really triumphed.”

Wendy: “A great start, needs more soul.”


TIM & MAT (VIC) – Bedroom 1

Jamie: “Your construction ability wowed me … beautiful engineering. Not so sure about the plant choices.”

LLB:  “You are, at building, like over-excited puppies, ‘look what we can build.’”

Wendy: “Your colour scheme felt a bit dowdy in a room that doesn’t have a lot of natural light. It was a little bit depressing.”


KATIE & ALEX (NSW) – Bedroom 2

Jamie: “I think it’s really well executed. They did a great job.”

LLB:  “I really, really like this room. 80s is something you’ve got to throw yourself at totally, like a fly at a windshield.”

Wendy: “I feel a little bit annoyed about the (neon) jewel in the room, it’s too literal. I’m not feeling it.”

Score 20/30

PETE & COURTNEY (VIC) – Lounge Room

Jamie:  “The wall unit let you guys down.”

LLB:  “Unlike Wendy, I loved what you did to the indigo wall. I think you’re good at putting personality into a space.”

Wendy“Your entertainment unit was awful. Like the one Uni students get before they can afford furniture.”

Score 18/30

LISA & ANDY (SA) – Dining Room

Jamie: “A great first go, I was quietly impressed.”

LLB: “I like your ability to put surprising things together. I think it lacked heart.”

Wendy ““Great bones, not a lot of flesh.”

Score 15/30