House Rules Reveals Final House

It’s been a big week for the House Rules gang who delivered their final house of Phase one of the competition came to a close.

 It wasn’t an easy task this week with Andrew rushed to hospital after  he suffered a deep cut to his left wrist, sparking fears he had sliced through an artery.He is ok and returned to the site a few days later.

Zones this week were decided by Kate and Harry however in a House Rules first t, Troy & Bec volunteered to take on the Bonus Room on top of their already-massive Zone. The judges were at home base to deliver their verdict face to face.

Zone 1: Troy & Bec – Entry, Master Bedroom, Jaxon’s Bedroom, Gym (Bonus Room)

    Entry: Wendy and LLB loved it. Drew hated it because of the pine, he thought it was boring.

·       Jaxon’s Bedroom: The judges thought there was nothing too special about the room and that it seemed sparse, except for the wallpaper which LLB deemed as “grown up.” 

·       Master Bedroom: Drew liked the room and the artwork, he thought it hit the ‘Bahamas’ house rule. Drew: “Silvery, shiny, Gold Coast blingy 5-star, how is that not fun?” Wendy thought “the team should have worked harder in creating that suite style.”

·       Bonus Room – Gym: Wendy: “This is a massive disappointment.” There was no space to store gym clothes or play music.

Score 14/30

Troy didn’t take it well when Drew scored them a 3/10 for “one of the worst entries I’ve seen in any of the houses.” Troy said “Are you kidding?…I haven’t said good things about you throughout the whole thing anyway. But a three…come on, that’s disgusting.” He then claimed, “I don’t think he’s got a clue what he’s talking about.”

Laurence told Troy “you need to rewind and listen to what he (Drew) said in the first instance, that he marked your bedroom an 8/10 which is a really high score, it just was the other things that brought the aggregate down.”

Zone 2: Kate & Harry – Hallway 1, Kitchen, Playroom

  Hallway one: Drew said they haven’t hit any house rules. LLB: “It’s horribly disappointing…Was there a house rule that said please make it drab?”

·       Playroom: Drew loved it and thought it was “fun”, the wallpaper looked like it was out of a children’s book – perfect for the play room. Wendy thought the upstairs part of the cubby was like a jail. “I don’t understand what you could possibly use this for except punishment.”

·       Kitchen: All three judges loved the colour of the wall with the timber paneling, and the window behind the benchtop. LLB stated “that’s where it (the success) ends. I think this is a very, very dull kitchen. A very unsuccessful kitchen.” He and Wendy thought there was way too much empty space.

 Score 18/30

at Home Base  Wendy said their kitchen was too big, Harry responded: “I completely disagree. If we went any smaller, I would be completely disappointed for Aaron and Daniella. I’m sorry but we were all about the home owners.” LLB suggested Harry listen to Wendy as “she is right, and you are wrong

Zone 3: Andrew & Jono – Dining Room, Pantry, Bathroom

  Dining room: All three judges liked it, but said it looked like the team had been “dragged in all directions from the other zones.”

·       Pantry: Drew thought it was great, it had a lot of storage and the colour palette was good too. The other judges agreed the tiles were great, but Wendy thought the boys should have pushed for more space.

·       Bathroom: The only exciting thing that stood out to the judges was the pebble behind the bath. LLB said he was lacking “any kind of excitement…I feel as though I’ve been mauled by a beige sheep.” Wendy said there was a lack of colour which was needed to “make the room pop.”

 Score 21/30

Zone 4: Fiona & Nicole – Ensuite, Brooklyn’s Bedroom

Ensuite: Drew loved the colours and the benchtops, but said of the screen door: “looks like it’s been built by the apprentice.” LLB was confused by the wall in the middle of the room: “There is a fundamental San Andreas fault running through…it is an enclosed area that should be an open area. That’s the house rule.” LLB: “I didn’t understand the rustic sliding door that was obviously made by hairy, old peasants.”

·       Brooklyn’s Room: It was a dull room overall. LLB: “Is it just me or is this a bit beige for a baby…This should be exciting, fun, and stimulating. It looks like the back-end store room of a baby emporium where they put all the stuff they didn’t sell because it was so dull.” Wendy: “It’s even too empty to be calming. There is something so institutional about it.”


Zone 5: Sean & Ella – Lounge Room, Laundry, Hallway 2

Hallway: The Judges absolutely loved the wallpaper. LLB thought it was “absolutely perfect.”

·       Loungeroom: Wendy loved the room, especially the deep emerald green of the couch.

·       Laundry: The room was totally unfinished. The judges were disappointed because they thought the room looked like it would have been a good laundry.

Score 24/30

Update 6/6/17  Aaron and Daniella returned home and a mixed reaction leads to the first elimination so lets get started.

Zone 1: Troy & Bec – Entry, Master Bedroom, Jaxon’s Bedroom, Gym (Bonus Room

       Entry: They thought the wallpaper was magnificent. Daniella liked the pendent light and thought the door was “unbelievable.” Aaron: “It’s set the bar pretty high for the rest of the house.”

·       Bedroom: Daniella cried. “I’m not coping… oh my god.” She loved the artwork “this is unbelievable,” Aaron:“This is unreal, it’s pretty unbelievable…we are so lucky.” Daniella questioned if the wall made the room seem less five-star. Aaron: “It (the wall) does feel like it’s closing the room off a bit. I think it would have been nice to have that open so it would make the room feel bigger.”

·       Jaxon’s room: Jaxon was very excited. Daniella loved the wallpaper but felt the room was “under styled…maybe some shelves would have been great. Where do you put all the toys?”

·       Bonus Room (Gym): Aaron: “I can definitely pump iron in here.” He wasn’t sure about the artwork but “all in all it’s pretty cool.” Daniella felt like the room had been “slapped together at the last minute.” Aaron agreed but said it was “usable” it just didn’t give him motivation to exercise.

Score 6/10 +5 points for succeeding in delivering a bonus room the homeowners liked.

Zone 2: Kate & Harry – Hallway 1, Kitchen, Playroom

Hallway 1: They loved the plants. Daniella: “I think it looks great and compliments the entry.”

  Playroom: They both loved the room, especially the arts and crafts table. Daniella “This is my favourite of favourites so far…it feels like a little kid’s holiday retreat play area.”

Kitchen: They were both shocked at how big the kitchen was. Daniella: “This is amazing, I love the wall, I love the print, the marble benchtop, I love how big it is. I think it’s magnificent.” Aaron: “This kitchen is an absolute master piece.”

 Score 9/10

Zone 3: Andrew & Jono – Dining Room, Pantry, Bathroom

·       Dining room: Aaron liked the styling. Daniella: “I love that wallpaper. It’s white, subtle, and blends in.” Aaron thought a six-seated dinner table wasn’t big enough for them. He would have liked a bit more space for the dining room but overall it was still amazing.

·       Pantry: They were disappointed they hadn’t finished the tiling, however still loved it. Daniella was worried about not having enough space: “This is what I’ve always wanted…my only concerns are we are a family of four and have a lot of food.”

·       Bathroom: Aaron: “I feel like I’m in a tropical oasis right now…Other than the shower screen and no mirror I really like it.” They worried the toilet roll holder was quite high and the kids might not be able to reach it.

 Score 6/10

Zone 4: Fiona & Nicole – Ensuite, Brooklyn’s Bedroom

Brooklyn’s room: Aaron thought it was beautiful. Daniella loved the use of the timber and the cot that turned into a toddler bed. They felt the open wardrobe might be unsafe for the baby.  Aaron said they could baby proof it but for him the room was a “bit clinical and needs some colour.”

Ensuite: They loved the sliding door Nicole had made. They agreed that taking the wall out would have made the bedroom feel bigger and would “take it back to that real luxury master suite.

Score 6/10

Zone 5: Sean & Ella – Lounge Room, Laundry, Hallway

Hallway: Daniella: “shut up I love it!” when she felt the tropical wallpaper and saw the timber wall. Daniella: “This to me is every house rule, not only do we have timber, we have wallpaper and we have bling.  This is nailed. Oh my god I love it.”

Loungeroom: Daniella: “I love the green lounge with the cane furniture…and they have added touches of bling.” Aaron: “These guys have really delivered.”

·Laundry: Daniella: “Shut your face…oh my god yes”. The both love it despite the tiles not being finished.

Score 8/10

After adding up all the scores from all the renovations the leaderboard looks like this








With all the scores in Troy and Bec will be leaving the compertition