House Rules reveals a surprising transformation

House Rules reveals a surprising transformation

Luke and Cody are shaping up as the team to beat after winning two renovations in a row.

Last night’s  reveal on House Rules  stunned homeowners Brooke and Michelle and left the judges gobsmacked.

The Adelaide couple’s broken down bungalow was turned over to their rivals with a set of house rules that left everyone guessing. Seven days later they returned with their children – Addison, 8, and Tildie, 5 – in tow to see it completely transformed.

Their favourite zone belonged to victors Queensland brothers Luke and Cody, who revamped the kitchen, entry and walk-in robe. “Walking into the kitchen, I was totally amazed,” Brooke said. “It was the centrepiece of our house.”

Judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore agreed giving them their highest combined score of the week, 14 points. “What you have done for this whole living space is a true entertainer’s dream,” Wendy said.

After finishing at the bottom last week, Victoria’s Claire and Hagan bounced back to finish in second place. They hit their design stride nailing the funky and modern house rule in the girls’ bedroom, dining room and pantry. “The moment I walked into the girls’ bedroom, I was completely captivated by that pendant light,” Wendy said. “What a gorgeous find and so perfect for the girls who love butterflies.”

Reno rookies Nancy and Daniel showed signs of improvement, finishing third for their zone. The judges praised their work in the girls’ bathroom. “The colours were spot on and what’s not to love about the bubble wall tile and butterfly light,” Joe said. While the NSW team nailed the ‘tough luxe rule’ in Michelle’s workspace, it lacked functionality. “As a guest space, that room really worked but Michelle needed a lot of layout space to do her graphic art,” Joe said.

Melbourne’s Fil and Joe may be experienced renovators but in their first  reno, they were blown away by the pace. They were given the master bedroom and main bathroom and madeerror after error. “It was clear when I walked into the master bedroom you guys really struggled. There were some really good elements…but you needed more thought to go into each one,” Wendy said.

Navy parents Rose and Rob had a tough week going to war with each other and it showed in their zone. Their bold colour choices in the hallway and living room let them down. “Your living room really showed promise driven by that fabulous sofa..[but] your wall colour was a bit off; the muddy terracotta just didn’t work with that modern vibe,” said Wendy.

Finishing last means the WA team will be camping in the tent next renovation. “I’m worried we’re going to have a relationship breakdown,” Rose said. “Having an extra hurdle of having to sleep in a tent every night is going to push both of us to our limits.”

SA homeowners Brooke and Michelle scored the teams out of 10:

QLD Luke & Cody (Kitchen, Entry & Walk-in Robe) – 9

VIC Claire & Hagan (Girls’ Bedroom, Dining Room & Pantry) – 8

NSW Nancy & Daniel (Michelle’s Workspace & Girls’ Bathroom) – 7

VIC Fil & Joe (Main Bathroom & Master Bedroom) – 6

WA Rose & Rob (Living Room, Laundry & Hall) – 5

When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as:


SA Reveal







With the second renovation completed, the teams will now head to NSW to transform Nancy and Daniel’s 1960s three bedder into a modern stunner

House Rules airs 7:30 pm Monday to Wednesday and 7pm Sunday on Seven


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