House Rules Retro Reveal

House Rules Retro Reveal

Last Night House Rules served up a shagadelic reveal with interesting results.

The tables were flipped this week with first-time campers Fil and Joe leaping to the top of the leaderboard at the expense of last week’s perfect scorers Claire and Hagan who sunk to the bottom. 

It was a challenging renovation at Rose and Rob’s 1960s Perth home which came with some interesting house rules including: no white walls; splash around paprika, mustard and teal; and go shagadelic in the bathroom.

 A magical Navy-inspired bedroom for brothers David and Sam injected fun into the house and scored a perfect 10 from judge Wendy Moore. Joe Snell awarded them a nine for their zone, which also included the laundry. Homeowners Rose and Rob said the boys wanted to score their room 99,000 – but in the end they went with a nine because they disagreed on the laundry. Rob loved it; his wife did not.

“If it meant that I had to be in the tent to get a 10, then bring it on again,” said a jubilant Fil.

On the flip side, it was a massive fall from grace for Claire and Hagan, who just last week experienced the dizzying euphoria of three perfect 10s at the twins’ Dalby renovation.

Struggling with the retro house rules, Wendy told them: “You have a really good eye for style so it was such a shame to see you lose your way this week.”

Their entry and walk-in-robe were underwhelming for the judges, but their shagadelic bathroom made up some points resulting in a seven from Wendy and a six from Joe.

Brooke and Michelle really thrived with the retro house rule and Wendy was elated they used the fabric Rose left them to create an artwork for the dining room and to cover their saved chairs.

“I loved so many elements of your dining room. The timber dividing wall was a fabulous revival of retro style, but what I loved the best was the way you took that fabric and created wall art. It was just beautiful,” said Wendy.

While their mash of three distinct tiles in the ensuite was an initial “assault on the senses”, both judges agreed it was a captivating space and each awarded a nine.

Nancy and Daniel followed the judge’s advice and injected more passion into this week’s renovation and it paid off with an impressive kitchen.

“I really loved the tiles on the splashback, the appliances, and I loved that you guys chose drawers over cupboards because for a family that’s just amazing functionality,” said Rose.

The master bedroom was polarising with the bold colour scheme – while the judges thought it was too much colour for a bedroom, Rose and Rob though the pattern was “really courageous”. However, all parties agreed the finish should’ve been better. Joe awarded it a seven; Wendy an eight.

After a week off, country Queensland twins Luke and Cody were back in the groove with a delightful pirate-themed room for two-year-old Teddy. “I could see you had a lot of fun creating it,” said Wendy. “I loved the timber feature wall and the block and tackle shelves were also really fabulous.”

While the living room had a wonderful vibe, the placement of artwork behind the lounge lost them some points but they still polled a solid 16/20 from the judges.

WA homeowners Rob and Rose scored the teams out of 10:

VIC Fil & Joe (laundry, Sam and David’s room) – 9

NSW Nancy & Daniel (master bedroom, kitchen) – 8

SA Brooke & Michelle (ensuite, dining room) – 7

QLD Luke & Cody (Teddy’s room, living room) – 6

VIC Claire & Hagan (entry, WIR, bathroom) – 5 

When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as:

WA Reveaks

Despite their disappointing score, Claire and Hagan are ecstatic that teams are now heading to the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria for the final full house renovation of the competition. There they will find a big task ahead of them – to transform a tiny one bedroom shop front into a family home with space for their two active girls, Matilda and Darcy, and their Great Dane, Cleo.


It’s the last chance for the teams to earn valuable points because at the end of the renovation, one team will be eliminated. Who will win the ultimate prize – their mortgage paid off in full?


HOUSE RULES airs Monday to Thursday this week, with a one off timeslot of 8pm on Thursday for NSW and QLD . The whole house transformation will be revealed on Sunday at 7pm.


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