House Rules Holiday Home Reveal

House Rules Holiday Home Reveal

Last night the House Rules teams delivered the most spectacular house yet but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save one team.

It was the most gruelling transformation in House Rules history. Teams had just seven days to convert a rundownQueenslander into the ultimate dream holiday home, which will be won by a lucky home viewer.

It was the first time they’d been charged with renovating both an interior and exterior zone. With the leader board wiped clean, teams were pushed hard and relationships put to the test.

Hobart’s Cassie and Matt, who were looking to be the strongest competitors and had the advantage of choosing their zone this week, left in a major upset. Judges Wendy Moore and Joe Snell scored them 16 points for their Kitchen, Kids Bedroom and Front Garden. Their incomplete zone and choice of kitchen wallpaper was their undoing. “The style was just a bit graphic and a bit modern for that classic Queenslander style,” Wendy said Tassie may have struggled but the others flourished with two teams receiving perfect scores. Queensland and Victoria both tied for first place on 20 points.

After a rocky week, Brisbane’s Ben and Danielle finished with a perfect 20/20 for their Guest Bedroom, Bathroom and Back Deck. Both judges were particularly impressed with their deck and outdoor kitchen, which had been a bone of contention for the newlyweds earlier in the week.  Danielle’s fight for a custom built kitchen paid off. ”You really splashed some money around there but it was money well spent,” Wendy said.

Melbourne’s Bronik and Corrine scored their second perfect set of 10’s for their zone. It was a difficult week which saw Bronik’s body give in but Corrine stepped up with the heavy lifting and together they triumphed. Their zone Living Room, Shower Room and Back Yard received high praise from the judges. “You guys really have a good design eye,” Joe said. Their “secret” outdoor shower really hit the house rule of luxury. “It is like a tropical resort,” Wendy said.

Team NSW’s Steve and Tiana pulled out their highest score so far in the competition with both judges awarding them nine points for their Master Bedroom, Verandah, Laundry and Kids Magical Hideaway. Their entire zone was well received but it was their magical castle which earned them the most praise. “You had water cannons, you had slippery dips; the memories that place will create, will last forever,” Joe said.

SA’s Ryan was able to show off his paving skills this week when he and Marlee created a stunning carport. “I really liked the pavers you used; they were very well laid and I really liked the pattern,” Wendy said. The Adelaide duo also had the Dining Room, Front Deck and Entrance. The judges both felt they had really lifted their game this week and scored them 17 in total, with only one point saving them from elimination.

The final leaderboard after the judges’ scores were combined.

Holiday House

It was an emotional farewell for Tassie with tears flowing. “This whole experience has been just an unbelievable, crazy roller coaster,” Matt, 31, said. “I couldn’t imagine being in this competition with anybody else but Cassie. She is the driving force; the engine behind Team Tas.” He and his partner Cassie, also 31, will return to their beautifully transformed home in Hobart. “Matt and I came into this competition to do our absolute best; to try our hardest each week; to always strive and to not have any regrets at all. We’ve had so much fun; we didn’t want it to end.”

With only four teams remaining, the battle for a spot in the Grand Final begins. The teams will now makeover each other’s front and back yards in the final transformations of their homes.

House Rules airs Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 7pm on Seven