House Rules has a colour explosion (updated

Last night House Rules delivered a newly renovated retro geek chic home for WA twins Andrew and Jono. 

The twins are very pop cultured with a house full of memorabilia and collectables.  The zones this week were decided by Sean and Ella who topped the leaderboard at Kate and Harry’s house. A  Secret ‘Silicon Valley Inspired’ Study was the Bonus Room handed to Fions and Nicole and they weren’t happy about it.  Amid some teams personal struggles the house was ready for judging in just 7 days.

Zone 1: Fiona & Nicole – Entry, Hallway, Bar, Secret Study (Bonus Room)

Entry: Unfinished door in entrance looked bad. Wendy liked the wall colour and wall unit. The lamp and table wrong style and position. LLB said entry lacked any pizazz.

Hallway: The judges all agreed on the hallway.  Wendy thought it was horrific and could not find one redeeming feature. Drew agreed the colours were ‘so bright, so off and so badly painted’ LLB: “I genuinely feel like I’m being sucked into some evil vortex of badly painted colour”  “The best way to view this space, is with your back to it and walking away from it”

Bar: Wendy can see what they were trying to do. Vision right, executed badly. 

Bonus Room: Reasonable colour scheme. Statement piece too big for room. LLB is worried about this team. Far too much in far too small space.

Score 14/30

Zone 2: Aaron & Daniella – Lounge Room, Ensuite

Loungeroom: LLB says he feels like he’s going back in time somewhat and doesn’t like it. Wendy and Drew disagree with LLB Wendy “I really like it. I instantly feel like they’ve got the house rule….  Managed to nail both retro and geek chic”

Ensuite: LLB thinks it’s ‘absolutely lovely’. Elegant and thoughtful. Drew thinks it’s fun, but finishing touches need attention. Wendy loves it “This is an example of people who are not just ticking boxes, but getting inspiration from the house rules”

 Score 24/30

Zone 3: Sean & Ella – Dining Room, Bathroom

Dining Room: Judges love the floral wall art, but divided over if it hits the house rule. LLB says it works brilliantly. Wendy says it’s difficult to judge, but likes the room. Maybe too feminine for the geek twins. 

LLB: “I think the gender thing is a problem, because it’s not just the fact that it is a very feminine pattern, it’s quite a granny feminine pattern. I wonder if Jono and Andrew are going to be able to open their hearts and minds to something that looks like a pair of granny’s knickers”.

Bathroom: LLB declares it has more than a hint of evil genius and would give it a 10 alone. “I knew there was a really nice room lurking in this house… This is the best room I have seen in my extremely extensive career of judging amateur interior design competitions” Wendy’s instant reaction is ‘love it’, great layout, loved statement bath, well executed. Drew says it looks ‘fantastic’.

 Score 25/30

Zone 4: Troy & Bec – Jono’s Bedroom, Kitchen

Kitchen: Drew and LLB love the green. LLB said “I think this is the first time that we’ve really seen them step up to the plate, and show us something unusual exceptional.” Wendy is not so sure. The house rules called for a burst of colour and the colour was too dominant. Their choice of a kettle as a statement piece is too small.

Jono’s Bedroom: Drew says ‘yuk’ when he enters the room. “After a great kitchen, this is way too bright…. How could you sleep in here?” Wendy: “I’m really quite cross that a team thinks that this is ok” This bedroom was just a complete disaster

Johanna tells Troy and Bec LLB said: ‘He can’t believe you expected his eyes to look at what you did to this room.’ He said, ‘his eyes are highly trained precision instruments insured for gazillions of dollars…  All of this room was wrong and bad and should never have happened.’

 Score 16/30

Zone 5: Kate & Harry – Andrew’s Bedroom, Laundry

Andrew’s Bedroom: LLB says it’s astonishing. Judges love it. Exposed brick and wall colour. Wendy: “There’s so much to love, I love the celling, I love the bed, I love the frame, I love the terracotta coloured pendant lights” “(The rug) is the only thing I don’t like”  LLB disagrees calling the rug ‘genius’

Laundry: Wendy loved the laundry, except floor tiles. Judges loved the artwork statement piece LLB: “We should not in the 21st century be putting orange and cerulean together. That was something that happened in the 80’s, but in a way, that’s quite retro. Who says retro has to be 50’s, or 60’s, why not make it a bit 80’s.”

Score 25/30


Update May 16th Andrew and Jono returned to their renovated home in Western Australia. Although impressed with the contestants ‘geek chic’ and ‘retro’ styling some teams failed to hit the mark.

Zone 1: Fiona & Nicole – Entry, Hallway, Bar, Secret Study (Bonus Room)

Entry:  Like the colour of entry, the paintwork a bit rough however. They are impressed with wall feature as it fits their retro theme.

Hallway: They think the hallway was too bold. Too much colour, but they liked the pop art. “The colours, I’m not too sure they work together. They’re clashing a bit; I think it looks like they’ve bitten off a bit more than they can chew. The finishings leave a bit more to be desired.”

Bar: They like that they reused parts of the old bar, however the walls are a bit bare. It’s a little bit rough around the edges and felt unfinished.

Bonus Room – Study  The boys think they got the Silicon Valley rule. The astro turf is fun, but is it spot on? There is no space to store files, and the painting is also unfinished.

Score 4/10 with an extra 5 points given to them for the bonus room

Zone 2: Aaron & Daniella – Lounge Room, Ensuite

Loungeroom:  The boys are shocked, and speechless. “It’s better than what we were expecting, how good is this?! They’ve done a bloody good job”. “They have really hit the theme here; retro and a burst of colour”.

Ensuite They loved the brightly coloured basin, however they were disappointed with the ‘bugger all’ storage.

Score 7/10

Zone 3: Sean & Ella – Dining Room, Bathroom

Dining Room: The boys think they have taken a huge risk putting floral print on wall in dining room. It’s a bit feminine, but they think it works. It’s calming, but they suggest maybe having more seats. They like the room, but it didn’t abide by all the rules.

Bathroom: They love it. The team have nailed it, it’s almost faultless. “This is the steampunk bathroom that we wanted. They’ve done extraordinary well.”

Score 7/10

Zone 4: Troy & Bec – Jono’s Bedroom, Kitchen

Jono’s Bedroom: Jono thinks there’s a lot of orange in his room, probably too much. He tries the bed out and it breaks. He likes the pop art, but overall is not overly impressed.

Kitchen: They love the kitchen. It’s retro, lime green, they loved the artwork. “This is a good room, everywhere you look there’s something to look at.”

 Score 5/10

Zone 5: Kate & Harry – Andrew’s Bedroom, Laundry

Laundry: The boys think the laundry is impressive, they are speechless again. Blown away by colour and the statement piece, they find the room very relaxing.

Andrew’s Bedroom:  Andrew loves his room. He loves the brickwork, the colour scheme. “This is a really impressive job, they’ve done well. They’ve hit the rules”

Score 8/10

With The Judges  scores added to the Homeowners scores the leaderboard looks like this