House Rules goes to auction in first reveal of 2018

House Rules has changed the game with the first renovation going to auction.

For the first time ever, the contestants had to flip a property that will go straight to auction, with the sale profits becoming the prize money for this year’s winners.

In Sydney’s Inner West, the teams had just one week to renovate a run-down property according to the judges’ house rules.



  1. Create Contemporary luxury in a “café cool” home
  2. Let the Australian Impressionists inspire your colour palette
  3. Pay homage to Florence Broadhurst in the master suite
  4. Use art to add colour and urban edginess
  5. Play with spaces

After a week of renovating that involved a medical emergency and a few tense arguments over space, the judges delivered their verdict.

NSW Kim & Michelle (Zone – Entry, Ensuite and Loungeroom)

  • Bathroom: LLB: “Genius…this is so what I was hoping to see, Florence Broadhurst, colour, but used in a really clever way.”
  • Loungeroom: LLB only liked the rug: “Just so you’re wondering I’m not looking up, I’m just looking down, because I really, really, like the rug. But then it [the zone] sort of just doesn’t quite deliver for me.” Drew: “I do really like the space. I think it’s really quite good, and I like the plan of the space.”

Score  23/30

QLD Josh & Brandon (Zone – Staircase & Bedroom)

  • Staircase: Wendy loved it: “These fabulous beams just open the whole house up.” Drew: “It’s using the raw materials, that’s the key to using these great Australian hardwoods. They’ve obviously got carpentry skills.”
  • Bedroom: LLB: “This is a bit hosh posh for me, I’m not loving it…This is a very old-looking cushion, seriously a granny died on that. And then this [hairy pillow] just looks like a run-over muppet, in fact there’s still a hand inside there.”

Score 20/30

NSW Toad & Mandy (Zone – Kitchen & Master Bedroom)

  • Kitchen: LLB: “I’m a little bit in love with Toad and Mandy. I like it a lot…This is adding zeros to the house.” Drew: “Don’t you find it a little industrial though and.. not very joyful? There’s nothing in here beyond the joinery that is that interesting.”
  • Bedroom: For once LLB and Drew agreed. LLB: “Wham-bam should I thankyou mam or wham-bam should I thankyou Florence Broadhurst?” Wendy: “This is a design icon who’s known for luxurious rich colour, but they’ve gone with this boring grey…I just think that’s a huge missed opportunity.”

Score 22/30

SA Jess & Jared (Zone – Dining room, Laundry & First Floor Hallway)

  • Dining Area: Wendy was very impressed with the “elliptical” shaped table which fitted the space perfectly. LLB thought “they might be expecting some Vikings” and loved the “kinky, vintage, metro” ceiling.
  • First floor hallway: It’s been turned into a “glamorous” mini study and the judges were impressed. Wendy: “This shows a real skill and an eye for colour and styling”. 

Score 23/30

QLD Mel & Dave (Zone – Bedroom & Backyard)

  • Bedroom: Wendy thought there was a “real missed opportunity for storage… they could have done something with the under-bed area.” 
  • Backyard: Drew and Wendy were impressed, Wendy referred to it as an “oasis in the city”. LLB was less impressed and thought the seating space was under scaled: “It’s a seat designed for a Barbie…it needs to be twice as deep.”

Score 18/30

WA Chiara & David (Zone – Bathroom & Backyard)

  • Garden: LLB: “This feels like an extension of the living space, and you’re invited to come and play. When a deck space works, that’s exactly how it should be.” Drew loved the dining table in the carport and the use of space: “I think they’ve had a lot of fun with it. If this team is going to continue doing strange things like this, eventually they’re going to have some huge successes.” LLB liked the movable hanging plants: “It’s great, it’s kind of like a marionette plant puppet show thing going on. One’s higher than the other. You could do little dances with the plants.”
  • Bathroom: All judges: “Wow.”

score 24/30

VIC Leigh & Christie (Zone – Front exterior & Nursery)

  • Nursey: Drew: “I’m absolutely sick of seeing these pine pots and nursery bedding things… can’t we just be a bit more adventurous and start making things out of some Australian hardwoods rather than all this Nordic stuff?”
  • Front of house: LLB: “It’s got huge curb appeal.”

Score 21/30

After a slow start at the auction the house sold for $1.65m, equating to $355,000 in profit and prize money for this year’s House Rules winners!