House Rules gardens reveal top 3

House Rules gardens reveal top 3

In an emotion charged episode House Rules found it’s final three as the show heads towards it’s grand finale.

Popular duo Ryan and Marlee kissed the chance of living a mortgage-free life goodbye after bowing out in a hotly-contested fight for a spot in the top 3. 

The Adelaide pair finished last in the second semi-final after their efforts in the Victorian team’s backyard failed to impress judges, Joe Snell and Wendy Moore, who gave them a combined score of 13 points.

Ryan and Marlee took the ‘urban cool’ house rule too far with their lime green fence and street art graffiti wall. “I liked your plantings but it was your artistic feature wall where you really lost control of your vision,” Wendy said. “I know it was urban but it just didn’t make for a cool backyard.”

After winning the first semi-final, Victoria again blitzed their competition top scoring with 18 points for their landscaping efforts in SA’s back yard. Bronik and Corrine hit the Australia Day party house rule for six with a cricket pitch embedded in the lawn, a large deck for entertaining, a pergola and an orchard to relax in. “The timber retaining wall around the cricket pitch was terrific,” Joe said. “It made it feel like a stadium.

Queensland bounced back after their last-place finish in the first semi, scoring 17 points for their work in Victoria’s front yard. Ben and Danielle nailed a classic design with a deck in the entry way, an arbor gate, a new concrete aggregate driveway and white-themed flowering plants. “The clean, simple lines of the garden beds were lovely,” Joe said. “What we saw this week was some very graceful, sophisticated design.

NSW escaped elimination by only one point, scoring 14 for revamping team SA’s front garden. The father and daughter duo righted a wrong by lining up the decking boards along the front of the house as well as adding a roof to cover the two front decks, a bold and structured pathway and a burst of floral colour in the raised garden beds. “You had some really strong ideas and you picked the right things to change but you didn’t push your ideas far enough to really finish them as well as you could have,” Wendy said.

For the second semi-final, judges Wendy Moore and Joe Snell scored the teams:

 1st Team VIC Bronik & Corrine (SA back yard) 18 points

2nd Team QLD Ben & Danielle (VIC front yard) 17 points

3rd Team NSW Steve & Tiana (SA front yard) 14 points

4th Team SA Ryan & Marlee (VIC back yard) 13 points

With scores added from the first semi-final, the overall leaderboard placed teams as follows:


With the lowest combined scored, Ryan and Marlee are out of the game for good. “This has been the best rollercoaster ride of my life,” Ryan, 30, said. “I hate rollercoasters but I would definitely do this one again.” His girlfriend Marlee, 26, thanked the teams for transforming Ryan’s bachelor pad into a cosy love nest for two. “To say this is life changing is an understatement. This is beyond that.”

Tonight  at 7:30 pm they’re given their hardest but most heart-warming challenge yet. With a Grand Final berth up for grabs, teams collide as they push themselves to the limit.