House Rules Finals begin with garden reveals

The House Rules finals kicked off last night with the exterior reveals of QLD and Tas.

It wasn’t an easy task for Sean and Ella or Kate and Harry who suffered a major setback when Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland and the clock stopped for the first time in House Rules history.  After the setback the clock started again

Kate and Harry (renovated Aaron and Daniella’s Front Yard):

·       Entry: Drew thought the entry felt like “a cheap Thai restaurant,” whereas Wendy and LLB liked it. The finishes weren’t great however LLB cut them slack for having built a garden in the middle of a cyclone.

·       Yard & Sunken-Seating Area: Drew thought “that whole thing is a mess.” He thought the water feature looked “cheap” and didn’t make sense. LLB thought the bamboo worked with what they were trying to do: “They focused on getting this design scheme right…This (design) is very mature. Tell you what is does need, is a little frisky gold statue of me. That would be perfect.”

Score  21/30

Sean and Ella (renovated Aaron and Daniella’s Backyard):

·       Play area: All three judges thought the location of the cubby house was “impractical” as it blocked out the view of the river. LLB and Wendy agreed the exercise area was “worth a thousand of those (cubby houses).”

·       Pool: LLB absolutely hated the pool area: “They’ve done all of this really, really badly.” He thought the “disco tiles” around the pool were great but that was where it ended.

·       Outdoor Seating Area: Drew and Wendy liked the fact they took the decking all the way out to the edge and made the backyard feel bigger. LLB criticised the fire pit as there was not enough space around it for non-flammable materials and said the cushions looked like“Lionel Ritchie’s shirt.”

Score 17/30

Andrew and Jono (renovated Sean and Ella’s Backyard & Entry):

·       The Entry Steps: The judges loved the entry stairs but not the extra “tack-on stair” that extended into the house.

·       The Backyard & Edible Garden: The edible garden could have been bigger, but overall the space was a success. Wendy and LLB loved the choice of furniture, however Drew thought “in terms of the finishes and the selection of materials I think it’s way off.” Wendy: “I think they have created another area to enjoy the beautiful view and I would have never thought you could fit so much into such a tiny corner.”

Score 21/30

Aaron and Daniella (renovated Sean and Ella’s Front yard & Deck):

·       The Fire Pit: They all loved Aaron’s masterpiece fire pit. LLB said it was “really clever and elegant” and Drew thought “it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.” They agreed the pebbles weren’t practical.

·       The Deck: Wendy and Drew thought the deck was amazing. LLB didn’t like anything “beyond the fact they’ve built a deck.” He said it was “furnished in an obvious off-the-shelf Ikea-ey way…it’s cheap horrid stuff.” He questioned why they didn’t bring pink into the colour scheme.

·       The Front Yard: LLB loved the idea of the pink wall but thought it was a bit “off” and had been badly done. Wendy thought the gaps of the fence made it a “missed chance for privacy.”

Score 21/30