House Rules farewells Bomber and Mel

House Rules farewells Bomber and Mel

After avoiding expected elimination following the four-day unit makeover challenge last week, Bomber and  Mel‟s luck finally ran out on House Rules last night  when the Adelaide couple bombed in the 24-hour fix-up  challenge.

The team, renowned for their on-screen histrionics, failed to impress judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore, who scored them last in both challenges.

Trailing Queensland by four points after the first of the two challenges, the South Australians needed perfect scores in the 24-hour fix-up to avoid elimination but when Maddi and Lloyd tied for first with NSW, it was game over.

“I was left feeling a bit disappointed you hadn‟t made the most of this incredible gift,” said Wendy. Joe agreed  saying SA‟s efforts in its kitchen, dining room, and Bomber‟s daughter Kaitlin‟s room were “underwhelming”.

The judges singled out the “zebra print” curtains in the dining room for criticism, along with the blue mosaic tile splashback in the kitchen, and the lack of effort in Kaitlin‟s room.

Despite scoring just 8 points out of a possible 20 after the apartment makeovers, Bomber and Mel were full of bravado going into the 24-hour fix up where teams were tasked with fixing a zone in their newly renovated home. “Some of the great victories have come from people being last,” said Bomber.

Queensland‟s Maddi and Lloyd chose to makeover the zone completed by Tasmania – the master bedroom, walk-in-robe and back deck which the judges scored last in the Townsville reveal. Wendy and Joe applauded the decision.

The highlight for them was the vertical garden the couple created on the back deck complete with hanging  chair. Joe said it made guests feel like they were in a “fairytale” while Wendy likened it to a “little oasis”.

In equal first place on 15 points was NSW. Candy and Ryan fought bitterly over which zone to redo before settling on Team VIC‟s zone – the entry, family room and study – which had scored the lowest.

With an extra $1,000 to furnish their zone after winning the apartment makeover challenge, the Sydney pair purchased bright, graphic, colourful pieces to match their own „arty and edgy‟ House Rule to great effect. Both judges praised the pair‟s “unique vision”, Wendy adding they had “absolutely reflected their own style”.

Cantankerous WA couple Carole and Russell adopted a new tactic when reworking NSW‟s zone: “There‟s no time in 24 hours to fight,” said Russell. “So we only fought for 12 hours…and the other 12 we didn‟t talk”.

It worked a treat – the pair finished only a point behind the leaders. Joe said the master bedroom makeover was clearly a “labour of love” complimenting the choice of Balinese-style timber doors as a bedhead.

Victoria was “gutted” after sliding down the leaderboard. The judges thought Adam and Lisa “played it safe” after their top two showing in the last three renovations, and the pair chose the “wrong zone” to makeover.

For the 24-hour fix-up Wendy Moore and Joe Snell scored the teams each out of 10:

Team NSW (entry, study, family room) 15

Team QLD (master bedroom, WIR, back deck) 15

Team WA (master bedroom, hallway, laundry) 14

Team VIC (guest bedroom hallway, laundry) 12

Team SA (kitchen, dining room, Kaitlin‟s bedroom) 10

When combined with the judges‟ scores from the apartment makeovers, the overall leaderboard was:

sa gone


Their home had been described as “a tip” by fellow contestants due to its ramshackle state. But tonight  Bomber, 45, and partner Mel, 39, walk away from the competition winners with a home makeover they never believed possible.

“We had a dream to win a competition and have our mortgage paid off – that hasn‟t happened – but I can‟t  wait to see our kids and open that front door and just be able to enjoy the beautiful gift we‟ve been given,” primary school teacher Mel said. “I‟m just so grateful for what we have received.” Painter Bomber added: “We‟ve got a great future ahead.”


The House Rules leaderboard has once again been wiped clean ahead of the semi-final showdowns which begin tonight at 7.30pm on Seven. The remaining four teams must makeover the gardens and house exteriors of their competitors