House Rules Farewells it’s First Team

House Rules Farewells it’s First Team

I have mixed emotions about what went down on House Rules but before we get into that let’s recap what transpired.

Victoria’s Adam and Lisa topped the leaderboard for the second week running, winning the South Australian reveal while Tassie’s Brooke and Grant were eliminated.

Despite receiving their highest scores ever, the truculent Tasmanians could not claw back the points necessary to secure a place in the next phase of the competition, finishing last on the overall leaderboard.

With one of the largest zones in Bomber and Mel’s tired century-old cottage, Brooke and Grant knew theyneeded to perform well to have any chance of avoiding elimination, but their second-placing was not enough.

“We’ve given 100 percent every renovation,” said Grant. “Some of the ideas were a bit off, some we absolutely nailed.”“We haven’t lost by any means,” added Brooke. “We’re winners in our eyes and hopefully in our kids’ eyes.”

After struggling all week to interpret the requested “warehouse feel”, Brooke and Grant impressed House Rules judges Joe Snell and Wendy Moore with their family room, toilet and kids’ bedroom scoring 23 points.

“This is absolutely your best work,” said Wendy. Only a point separated Tassie from first-placed Victoria.

But Adam and Lisa were too good. After finishing with perfect scores last week, the pressure was on Victoriato repeat the performance, and their master bedroom, ensuite, WIR and entry didn’t disappoint. Joe said the ensuite was “spectacular”; master bedroom “glamorous”; and the overall zone “confidently put together”.

The strong finish by the couple in the final interior reveal placed them second overall behind WA.Tasked with renovating the hallway, main bathroom, linen closet and a child’s bedroom, WA grandparents

Carole and Russell again proved they will be one of the teams to beat as the competition progresses. Bothjudges thought Mel’s daughter’s bedroom was WA’s standout zone, Joe describing it as “brilliant”.

Poor time and budget management impeded NSW’s efforts this week. After praising Candy and Ryan’s workin the lounge as “inspired,” the judges said their work in Ethan’s bedroom was their “weakest yet”.

Similarly, Team Queensland was hit and miss. Wendy said Maddi and Lloyd had “some real clangers” in styling this week, singling out their modern kitchen cabinetry and splashback saying “it didn’t work on anylevel”.

SA homeowners Bomber and Mel scored the teams out of 10:

TAS Brooke & Grant (Jordan’s bedroom, family room, toilet) 8

VIC Lisa & Adam (entry, master bedroom, WIR, ensuite) 7

WA Carole & Russell (Abby’s bedroom, hallway, bathroom, linen closet) 7

NSW Candy & Ryan (Ethan’s bedroom, laundry, lounge) 6

QLD Maddi & Lloyd (Kaitlin’s bedroom, kitchen, dining room) 6

The final tally with Home Beautiful editor Wendy Moore and architect Joe Snell’s scores are

hr house



Homeowners Bomber, 45, and Mel, 39, praised the renovation of their weatherboard cottage, which was virtually uninhabitable prior to the transformation. “You’ve transformed a house that was barely livable into a huge family home and we just feel so privileged, and so blessed, and so thankful for all the work you have done,” said Mel.


After scores from all six interior renovations were combined Team WA finished first on 107 points; Team VIC second on 105; Team NSW third on 103; Team QLD fourth on 101; Team SA fifth on 97; and Team TAS sixth on 91 points.

Following the elimination of Tasmania, the leaderboard has now been wiped clean for the next phase of the competition which starts Tonight . All five teams are once again on a level playing field as they face their toughest challenge yet…to transform an entire home in just four days!


House Rules airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30pm and continues Sunday at 6.30pm on Seven.

On the  positive side it means we don’t have to endure a love hate relationship with Brooke and Grant who i guessed would test viewers from the start but now we actually need to eliminate all my favorites. It’s gonna be a tough few weeks




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