House Rules exteriors reveal final 3

After four days of back-breaking exterior make-overs on neglected canvases, Luke and Cody notched up yet another win with their handiwork in Fil and Joe’s front garden.

Creating a Hamptons yard with bucket loads of street appeal, their pergola, white picket fence, sandstone steps and plant choices were all instant hits with the judges who both scored them eights.


Even the unusual water feature they chose gathered praise from judge Wendy Moore. “As far as the Hamptons style goes and the house rules, I think this fountain actually works here,” said Wendy.

Despite producing an outside billiard table in the twins’ yard, which polarised the judges, Fil and Joe claimed second place with two sevens from the judges for their work, including the backyard pub. “Hopefully the fun will outweigh the work in maintaining it,” Wendy said questioning if the billiard table met the “no fuss modern country” house rule. 

Out in the QLD front yard, judges Wendy and Joe found some design issues with Claire and Hagan’s zone. Scoring them a 13 out of 20, their poorly arranged beer garden seating clearly frustrated both judges. Joe Snell exclaimed, “You’ve done it again: heaven and hell in one zone.” Both judges loved Hagan’s sturdy, DIY timber front yard fence though which helped them secure the slice of heaven they needed in their zone to get them over the line this week. While their score was on par with SA’s Brooke and Michelle, when combined with their previous week’s score of 15, it was just enough to give them the opportunity to progress through to the next round.


Brooke and Michelle were not quite so lucky, landing on the bottom of the scoreboard again despite both praying for a miracle. Unable to keep the momentum needed to complete their vision in Fil and Joe’s big backyard, the emotional SA couple struggled to keep afloat after their zone was shut down when asbestos was found. Failing to finish their zone and receiving a score of 13 from the judges for a second week running, Team SA were sent home packing. Gracious in defeat, Brooke said: “Two lots of 13s, it’s a bit unlucky I suppose. But it’s been a great journey and we appreciate everything you guys have done for us. I just can’t thank you enough. It’s been amazing to meet these people and work with them.” Wife Michelle added: “It was so much harder than we thought, but it’s been the best adventure ever.”


Both sets of home owners were thrilled to see their newly transformed exteriors. Luke shed a few tears when he walked up to his country cottage in Dalby. “It’s beautiful,” he exclaimed. “It’s like Christmas has come early.” The cheeky twin told his brother rent is now going up since his home is “so bloody flash”!


Fil and Joe were equally pleased with their new surrounds. Fil gushed to her husband, “Joe we have got the house of our dreams. It’s complete and now it’s a home.”       

The final exteriors scoreboard was

exterior 2

House Rules  enters the Finals tonight  as Claire and Hagan, Fil and Joe and Luke and Cody take on a massive charity renovation to secure a place in the Grand Final. Who will win the ultimate prize – their mortgage paid off in full?