House Rules Exteriors Reveal final 3 (Recap)

House Rules Exteriors Reveal final 3 (Recap)

Last night four became three as House Rules delivered two more stunning gardens so let’s get down to business

Aaron and Daniella (renovated Andrew and Jono’s Front Yard):

·       Garden: Drew thought the garden was “brilliant,” Wendy replied: “I disagree with you on so many points that I’m finding it hard on where to start arguing…. This is not a liveable garden.” LLB agreed with Wendy that there were flaws but thought it hit the house rules very well and the home owners would love it. LLB: “Big pat on the back for understanding their clients.”

 Score  20/30

Kate and Harry (renovated Andrew and Jono’s Backyard):

·       Overall space: It was a complete success. The judges loved the garden in the centre of the backyard which divided the two areas and liked that they kept an existing tree. LLB said it was “unrecognisable.” Wendy thought it was a “beautifully planned out and designed garden that is solely for Andrew and Jono.” LLB: “There was just this overwhelming series of ‘yes they’ve got that right’.”

·       Rubik’s cube beer garden: Wendy loved the rubik’s cube floor, Drew and LLB hated it but agreed that it suited the style of Andrew and Jono.

·       Basketball Area: Drew thought the area had been executed poorly, but the space was well planned.

 Score 24/30

Sean and Ella (renovated Kate and Harry’s Front Yard):

·       Front Yard: It was quite “underwhelming” to the judges. It didn’t match the house, and the seating area around the fire pit was impractical. Drew despised the wooden archway: “That is horrible… its great recycled material but that is so ugly.” They liked the fence which LLB described as “crisp” but it added no privacy to the garden area. Wendy hated the pebbles: “I don’t understand why people put pebbles in a place where you walk a lot.”

·       Vertical Garden: All three judges loved the wall of plants. Wendy: “It feels nice to be near it. You do really want to be nestled in here.

 Score 18/30

Andrew and Jono (renovated Kate and Harry’s Backyard):

·       The Deck: The judges agreed they had packed a lot into a small space. Drew thought the sheets draped had rescued the roof structure, LLB said they looked like “hung knickers” and should have been executed differently, but they added a nice charm to the space. Wendy felt the sheets let the sophistication of the table down.

·       Garden Area: Wendy: “They have done a really nice job. This feels like a lovely place to be.” LLB loved the bright colours in native play area for Xavier, however Drew thought it was “too busy” and they had cramped too much into one area.

Score 23/30 

When both Exterior scores are combined the leaderboard looks like this.









Sean and Ella have exited the competition after being such strong contenders in the earlier rounds.




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