House Rules eliminates it’s first team

Last night House Rules said farewell to it’s first team for season 3.

This week our six teams returned to their renovated homes for a high stakes 24-hour transformation where they had to choose one zone within their home to make-over. It was a fast and furious fight to the finish. With an elimination on the line, no one could afford to make a mistake that could send them home.

WA’s Brian and Karina needed big points this week to lift them from last place. While they finished with a respectable score of 15 points, it wasn’t enough to save them. The parents tackled the pantry, laundry and living room previously done by SA. They made the brave decision to change the terracotta wall colour the judges had loved in the living room and it paid off. “The paint colour was such a big change,” Joe Snell said. “It was a big risk and it was lovely.”

Queensland’s Ben and Danielle top scored with 18 points. They hit the zone left unfinished by team NSW – the master bedroom, butler’s pantry, hall and back entrance. The thick navy stripes in the hallway and the new artwork were a big hit with the judges. “You have a great knack for bringing together a collection of art,” Wendy Moore said. The newlyweds added shelving and storage in the master bedroom as well as an eclectic print of a cat the couple nicknamed ‘Pedro’. “That cat was simply mesmerising,” Joe said. “It worked beautifully against that navy blue wall.” For coming first, the pair were awarded five bonus points bringing their final score to 23 points.

Competition leaders Cassie and Matt made a bee line for the dining room and bathroom that had been renovated by WA. The bold move paid dividends for the Tassie duo earning them 16 points. “It was a brave choice re-tiling that back wall the same tile as the floor; changing the colour and the tone was a good idea and it added drama to the space,” Joe said. De-cluttering the busy dining room table also won them points. “You did a great job using styling for completely changing both the look and atmosphere of the room,” Wendy said.

SA’s Ryan and Marlee tackled a monster zone – the living room, laundry, entry and hallway – and finished with 13 points. “The hallway looked so much better,” Wendy said, noting the vast improvement on Victoria’s unfinished efforts. “I love that deep teal you chose.” The black penny round tiles in the laundry and furniture rearrangement in the living room were also standouts. “Unfortunately there was a vital 24-hour rule that you just ignored,” Wendy added. “You didn’t take a risk with a hero piece.”

For NSW, it was a no-brainer to remake the master bedroom, toilet and linen closet by team WA – who received the lowest score this series for that zone. The judges commended them for demolishing the walk-in robe and awarded them 13 points. “It was just too small to ever be luxurious, Wendy said. “You put the master back into master bedroom.”

As last week’s winners, Victoria received an extra $1000 on their budget but that didn’t stop them finishing last on 12 points. While their unfinished deck would have been a prime fix-up candidate, Bronik and Corrine chose a zone the judges had loved instead. “I don’t understand why you chose to redo the dining room and bathroom when immediately next door was the unfinished deck that really needed some love,” Joe said. “You were not able to make a big enough change to make the impact we are looking for in a 24-hour fix-up.”

The scores from all the transformations so far, plus the 24-hour fix up, were combined and looked like this.

24 Hour Fix Up leaderboard


Only one point separated NSW and WA from elimination. Sadly, it was the end of the road for Karina and Brian who kissed goodbye any chance of winning the incredible grand prize of having their entire mortgage paid off. But the married couple were gracious in defeat. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are grateful for it,” Brian said.

While Tasmania finished on top, the leaderboard has now been wiped clean giving everyone else the chance to redeem themselves.

Next week the contestants will undertake the biggest challenge in House Rules history

House Rules airs Sunday at 7pm and continues Monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm on Seven