House Rules delivers for Ben and Danielle

House Rules delivers for Ben and Danielle

Last night we saw the teams who had tackled a tricky 70s split level home and wild weather in Queensland earn the first perfect scores of the season.

The teams struggled to transform Ben and Danielle’s house of horrors with the House Rules and the elements putting them to the test. The newlyweds left behind some interesting instructions such as “style our house preppy eclectic” and “retain a hint of ski chalet in the living room” which led to some confusion amongst the teams.

But Tasmania had no trouble deciphering the House Rules to finish first for the second time this competition. Cassie and Matt received 28 points, the highest combined score this series. Judge Joe Snell gave them his first 10, lauding praise on their living room and bathroom. “I think the living room was the best example of meeting Ben and Danielle’s wish for a preppy eclectic home,” he said. “The team had a great collection of pieces, filled with personality and history.”

The homeowners awarded Tassie their highest score of 9. “The living room was my favourite room in the house,” Danielle said. “The combination of the fireplace, the cowhide rug and deer horns was the right amount of ski chalet.”

Judge Wendy Moore also handed out her first 10 to South Australia’s Ryan and Marlee. Their ensuite, dining room and particularly their dressing room was a massive hit. “The dressing room made me go weak at the knees,” Wendy said. “Such a luxury of space and the amazing way you utilized that roof cavity was just inspired. You guys completely blew me away.”

WA’s Karina and Brian finished third on 20 points. The married pair were scored down by both the judges and homeowners for the size of the kitchen with Wendy saying they should have fought harder for more space. “It was simply too small to be the true heart of the home,” she said. While Danielle loved the art studio they’d designed for her, it was criticised for its lack of functionality. “There is no desk, sink, no working space,” Joe said.

Victoria’s Bronik and Corrine struggled and it showed in their zone. Their guest bedroom, laundry and entry underwhelmed with Wendy stating: “There were too many directions and that made the rooms feel a bit confused.” While the homeowners liked the rooms, Ben said “the finishes probably let you down.” They finished fourth on 19 points.

NSW came last for the second time this series on 18 points. Their downfall was time management with their butler’s pantry left incomplete. “I just loved the space and the storage but it’s sad it wasn’t finished,” Danielle said. The father daughter team will now spend this week in the tent. “I’m finding it difficult to find something positive about sleeping in a tent with my dad for a whole week,” Tiana said. “It’s just a nightmare” 

Queensland’s Ben & Danielle scored the teams out of 10:

TAS Cassie & Matt (Living Room & Bathroom) – 9

SA Ryan & Marlee (Dining Room, Dressing Room & Ensuite) – 8

VIC Bronik & Corrine (Guest Bedroom, Laundry & Entry) – 7

WA Karina & Brian (Kitchen, Art Studio & Stairs) – 6

NSW Steve & Tiana (Master Bedroom, Butler’s Pantry, Hallway & Back Entrance) – 6

When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as

house 4

Firefighter Ben, 32, commended the teams on their hard work. With a mortgage of $405,000, the epic transformation has set them up for the future. “Danielle and I knew it was going to be a real nightmare and for you guys to finish and do as well as you did, it was just amazing. You should all be really proud.”


Urban designer Danielle, 31, admitted she’s not one to cry but the makeover brought her to tears. “I’m so eternally grateful for what you’ve done and don’t think that any of your efforts have gone unnoticed”.

Tonight the teams are off to Tasmania to transform Cassie and Matt’s original 60s house in Hobart. In the battle for big points, some will play dirty. And for others, it’s all-out war!

 House Rules airs 7:30 PM Monday – Wednesday on Seven. Room reveals air 7PM Sundays 



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