House Rules Battlers draw up the Battle Line

It’s been a big week for Troy and Bec but not even I was expecting that reaction from them

Before we get to that though we have to see the judges’ thoughts on the teams work so let’s go. Zones were decided by Kate and Harry who topped the leaderboard last week. They also decided to Keep the bouns room which is a Kim Kardashian bedroom.

Zone 1: Kate & Harry – Front Stairs, Entry, Bathroom, Bonus Room

Front stairs: The judges were not impressed, it’s some of the worst painting they’ve seen. The black door is a poor choice, and they didn’t like the screen. LLB says “If the intention was to create a degree of sophistication and elegance, they have failed so ridiculously.”

Hallway: The coloured wall made the entry feel smaller, it had terrible paintwork, and the judges didn’t like massive pendant lights.

Bathroom: Wendy liked it. LLB: “It is the bathroom of a mass murderer…I fail to see any regality in this. It reminds me of a high-street kebab shop.”

Bonus Room: Wendy thought this room could be their “saving grace”. Good interpretation of the rule ‘Kardashian’.

Score 16/30

Zone 2: Sean & Ella – Josh’s Bedroom, Ensuite

Ensuite: Judges loved the fish-scale tiles, they loved the blue tile too, overall it’s a successful room.

Josh’s bedroom: The judges loved the room and how much thought has gone into it and the use of space. LLB: “It makes me want to be a teenage boy again.” Wendy: “They really smashed this one out of the park.

Score 23/30

Zone 3: Fiona & Nicole – Lounge Room, Walk In Robe

·       Loungeroom: Wendy was shocked at the arrogance of not changing the ceiling colour for the owners. Wendy: “I have two problems, one that the colour is all wrong, and the second, is that they were so bloody minded as to not change it when it looks so bad. It actually makes me really cross at the lack of respect for the home owners.” LLB said: “You have the god given ability to create a car-hire company waiting room.”LLB hated the V8 engine coffee table. Drew said: “I almost wish there was more clutter, to hide the lack of interest in the room.”

·       Walk-In Robe: It’s a good use of space, and luxurious. However, it has impractical lighting and could have been better, it’s average. Wendy: “I just don’t think they’ve gone that extra step. The lighting is really uncomfortable.” LLB: “This isn’t a Queen, this is a frog. It needs to be kissed.”

Score 16/30

Zone 4: Andrew & Jono – Master Bedroom, Kitchen

Master Bedroom: LLB said it’s a “bit of a disappointment.” Wendy said it had a lovely atmosphere, beautiful colours, but haven’t answered the house rules. LLB: “Where’s the regality? It’s got to be the bedroom of the King and Queen, this is the King and Queen of drab.”

Kitchen: Judges loved the mix of materials, LLB: “These textures make it sing, in a symphonic cloud of juicy loveliness.” Wendy loved it. There is a lot of empty space in the kitchen. LLB: “If you’re getting something out of the fridge and you want to use the oven you’d have to catch a cab.”


Zone 5: Aaron & Daniella – Dining Room, Laundry

Dining Room: The judges agreed they were good at styling, but not at putting themselves into the situation of living there. Wendy: “They have a good eye, but need more warmth and softness.” They hated the tyre chair statement piece. LLB: “The tyre chair is like an elderly relative, you want it to go away and leave you alone.”

Laundry: Wendy said it is “spectacular”, is a real success of the house. Wendy: “This is the first time I’ve seen a room that is well designed, with a great layout, with a beautiful colour pallet, and then accessorised perfectly. I think this is the best laundry I’ve seen in the competition.”


Given the circumstances, Troy and Bec were living in their reaction should be amazingly positive right well think again.

Zone 1: Kate & Harry – Front Stairs, Entry, Bathroom, Bonus Room

The Entry: They both loved the glass art work, it’s spot on. The paint job was a bit rough.

The Bathroom: Troy was blown away when he saw the bathroom, although he thought they should have put in another basin. The lighting wasn’t practical. Troy: “(The lights) aren’t lighting anything. I know about designing, these are just decorative.” The layout could have been better. Troy: “Why didn’t they go a bigger bath if they’ve got the room?”

Hayley’s Bedroom (bonus room): Hayley loved her Kim Kardashian room. Troy noticed the wallpaper was coming off. The lighting around the mirror wasn’t bright enough. Bec: “If Hayley was to do her makeup there, she would look like a clown.” Bec was not impressed with the Kim K book the bedside table with naked selfies of Kim inside 

Score 5/10 with 5 points to be deducted for the bonus room failing to hit the mark.

Zone 2: Sean & Ella – Josh’s Bedroom, Ensuite

Josh’s bedroom: Josh thought his room was awesome. Bec thought the soccer field on the ceiling made it feel closed in.  

Ensuite: It was a “dead set shocker.” They “hate” it. They repeat three times “we did not want black.” Troy: “The two showers are a brilliant idea and that’s where it stops.” Bec: “Again they’ve misinterpreted my V8. That’s a (picture of) a drag car.” “This is definitely not someone who is designing for us, they are designing for themselves.”

Score 2/10

Zone 3: Fiona & Nicole – Lounge Room, Walk In Robe

Loungeroom: It’s an ultra-modern loungeroom. They loved the Sydney harbour bridge wallpaper, but were disappointed there weren’t enough seats for family movie night. Troy: “This (table) is beautiful, but there is not enough seating.” “The key thing we said to them (contestants) was about our family movie night every week.” They questioned why the ceiling is yellow. Troy: “Who in the hell would paint a colour on a ceiling? I’m going to say that’s stupidity.” The curtains were too long (dragging along the ground) and the TV was blocking part of the windows on each side.

Walk-in-wardrobe: Bec said it was glam but she “didn’t have her Carrie Bradshaw moment.” They loved the chandelier.

Score 4/10

Zone 4: Andrew & Jono – Master Bedroom, Kitchen

Kitchen: Loved the kitchen, it was ultra-modern and really “hit the nail on the head” with V8 inspired knives. 

Master bedroom: Thought the coloured feature wall was “risky”. It didn’t hit the king and queen house rule. Troy: “I was hoping we were going to get a handmade bed with massive big telegraph poles as posts.” “It’s really more feminine. Not fit for a king and queen.” “They’re only roller blinds, that’s definitely not fit for a king and queen.”

 Score 6/10

Zone 5: Aaron & Daniella – Dining Room, Laundry

Dining Room: Troy & Bec loved the dining room, but the table was a bit small. They hated the tyre chair. “We won’t be keeping that.”

Laundry: They Absolutely loved the laundry. Troy: “The laundry alone, this is on its way to being a 10!” “They’ve got this bang on target.”

Score 9/10

With all scores now combined the leaderboard looks like this.