House Of Lies Returns to Eleven

House Of Lies Returns to Eleven

House Of Lies will return to TV screens next week.

The show wull pickup from season 2 which aired in the US in 2013. The series consists of just 12 episodes.


Marty and the Pod adjust to the “new” Galweather Stearn in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal. Interim CEO Julianne Hofschraeger needs Marty to live up to his reputation of being a fearless closer. This poses a challenge when Marty consults with Mr. Pincus, a valued client no one in the company knows.

Jeannie relives haunting memories from a drunken night out with Marty when she returns to work from a paid leave of absence. At home, Marty struggles to patch things up with Roscoe since he moved out to live with his mother, Monica.

10:10pm Tuesday  from December 23 on Eleven.