House Of Bond to premiere next week

Nine has confirmed that House of Bond will air over two nights next week.

 HOUSE OF BOND tells the rags-to-riches-to-rags tale of controversial business tycoon Alan Bond – a man with an insatiable appetite for the excesses of life: women, fame, money, crime and everything in between.

 It’s the outrageous story of how a cheeky, knockabout Ten Pound-Pom rises from the back alleys of Fremantle to become the richest man in Australia and one of our greatest sporting heroes. But a man whose ego, greed and ambition sees him overreach beyond all measure – his empire spectacularly crumbling like a house of cards as overnight he becomes the country’s greatest villain, with the biggest bankruptcy Australia has ever seen.

 HOUSE OF BOND is the extraordinary story of how Alan Bond defined the 1980s in Australia by dreaming big and rewriting the rulebook. A man who inspired a nation to believe in itself and made its people feel that anything, no matter how impossible, could be achieved. But he was a man whose dreams were built with other people’s money.

Ben Mingay (as Alan Bond), Rachael Taylor (as Diana Bliss), Adrienne Pickering (as Eileen Bond) and Sam Neill (as Roland “Tiny” Rowland) star. The mini-series also features Gyton Grantley, Samantha Jade, Marcus Graham, Anne Looby, Johnny Ruffo, Roy Billing, Paul Gleeson and Jack Campbell.


House Of Bond Premieres Part 1: Monday, April 24, And Part 2: Tuesday, April 25, At 9.00pm on Nine