Horses and Board Games lead to explosive cocktail party

Cobie locked lips with Matty J, the claws came out during a Bachelorette group date and emotions ran high at an unforgettable cocktail party.

After making a great first impression on Matty Cobie, received a special single date to the Sydney Polo Club for her first-ever horse ride.

Impressed by Cobie’s playful and positive attitude, Matty was also hoping to discover her more serious side and see if they could develop a deeper connection.

After giggling their way through a water fight, Cobie took the chance to put her feelings down on paper and read Matty a poem that led to both a rose and a kiss.

Tonight’s group date took place at the mansion and saw the Bachelorettes play a life-sized Bachelor board game that tested their compatibility with Matty.

Tempers flared when Simone, ,pushed a cream pie into the face of Elizabeth and in an odd twist police officer Michelle, landed herself behind bars.

Cobie landed on a square that gave her a second opportunity to lock lips with the Bachelor, but she turned it down in a bid to prevent any animosity with the other Bachelorettes, a move that she soon regretted.

Later, at the cocktail party, tensions boiled over when an insecure Cobie interrupted Simone’s one-on-one time to explain her earlier rejection of the kiss with Matty.

The move did not resonate well with Leah and Jennifer. While Jennifer riled up the Bachelorettes by describing Cobie as a “hustler” which Matty saw , Leah took it upon herself to confront Cobie in front of Matty.

Leah’s retelling of the confrontation only caused further division between the Bachelorettes and Laura stepped in to defend Cobie’s character.

At the start of the rose ceremony love coach Belinda, was hopeful saying: “I know who I am and I know what I have to offer, I just hope there is a connection there for him.” Unfortunately, there was not enough chemistry between the pair and Belinda became the fifth  Bachelorette to leave the mansion.