Homicide with Ron Iddles heads to Sundays on 7

Homicide with Ron Iddles heads to Sundays on 7

Seven has confirmed Homicide with Ron Iddles will screen on Sunday nights.

One of Australia’s greatest detectives reveals the untold stories of his most challenging cases in
a compelling six-part documentary series for the Seven Network.

Homicide with Ron Iddles takes you behind the news headlines, on a minute-by-minute journey with master detective Ron Iddles as he tracks down the killers.

Ron spent 25 years investigating homicides for Victoria Police and was a familiar face on the
nightly news. He worked on more than 320 homicide cases and his success rate for solving
murders was unprecedented.

Known amongst his colleagues as “The Great Man”, Ron was renowned for his compassion for the victims’ families and criminals alike. His deft skills and empathy in the police interview room persuaded many a suspect to confess their crimes. As Ron says, an interview is just a conversation, a search for the truth.

In episode, one 17-year-old Gary Adams left home one night in December 2003 and never returned. His mother Jo-Ann struggled to convince police that he was more than just a runaway. Eight years later, the case was still unsolved until Jo-Ann pleaded with homicide detective Ron Iddles to investigate. Ron finally cracked the case with masterful interview techniques and a lengthy undercover operation.

Homicide with Ron Iddles premieres  8:45pm Sunday on Seven


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