Home Review

Home Review

Today, BritBox unveils Home, a comedy with a difference.

Home is the story of a Syrian refugee, Sami (Youseff Kerkour), who hid in the boot of a returning traveller’s vehicle, teacher Katy (Rebekah Staton), her new boyfriend Peter (Rufus Jones), and Katy’s Avengers-loving son John (Oaklee Pendergast).

What does one do when faced pit in such a position? Well, if you’re Katy, you invite him into your home too stay.

Throughout the first two episodes offered for this review, we see Sami navigate his new life in Britain and dealing with racism. With Katy and Peter’s relationship still relatively new and him trying to bond with John, it’s a recipe for some fun moments.

The cast all give decent performances, but it’s Oaklee and Youseff who truly stand out. This subject matter doesn’t usually lead to comedy, but screenwriter Rufus Jones balances everything with some brilliant jokes and heartwarming moments.

Home may just be your next funny binge.

4 Stars

Home drops both season 1 and 2 on BritBox today.


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