Home Is Where The Heart Is on The Bachelor

Tonight on The Bachelor Australia, Locky received a good ol’ fashioned grilling when he met the bachelorette’s nearest and dearest, and selected his top two ladies.

Feeling confident and looking forward to learning more about the top four ladies, Locky was ready to meet their family.

First up was Izzy, who brought a little calm before the storm, by taking Locky through some yoga sequences. What Locky lacked in ability, he made up for in effort, and extra nipples. Introducing Locky to her family of strong women, Izzy could sense her mum was apprehensive, right off the bat.

After a barrage of hard-hitting questions, Locky’s assurance that he’d always be there to support his partner eventually won them over – with Izzy’s mum even asking for a donation of his sperm if things didn’t work out. After seeing Locky interact with her family, Izzy admitted she didn’t want to imagine life without him, and that she was falling in love.

The next day, Locky met Irena for a hike and splash in a waterfall. After letting Locky know that her partner getting on with her family was a non-negotiable factor, Irena was devastated to learn that due to Melbourne’s COVID-19 restrictions, her family were unable to join them in person.

Over video-call, Locky got to meet Irena’s mum, dad and protective brother, who wasted no time in pulling Locky aside. Calling out the short turnaround time on Locky’s past relationships, he wanted to know if Locky would treat his sister right. Acknowledging that he’s come along way over the years, and that Irena made him want to be a better person, Irena’s brother was won over, even giving the couple his blessing.

Next up was Bec, who took Locky paddle boarding. Meeting the family, Bec’s mum was instantly a fan of Locky’s, letting him know she’d stalked him online. However, Locky’s comment about being attracted to Bec, even if her introductory video was on mute, put Bec’s brother off side.

After questioning whether Locky actually cared for his sister, or if it was purely a physical attraction, Locky clarified that it was Bec’s love of adventure and the outdoors that he loved most. At the end of the date, Locky was left uneasy when Bec said she’d never been in love before, questioning whether they were both looking for the same relationship.

The last family for Locky to meet was Bella’s. While cooking dinner for her family, Bella warned Locky that winning her dad over would be no easy task. After grilling Locky on his past relationships and his intentions with his daughter, Bella’s dad wasn’t convinced by Locky’s words, and wanted to see the proof in his actions.

At the rose ceremony, Izzy and Bec did not receive a rose. Walking Izzy out, Locky embraced her as the two shared an emotional farewell. Heartbroken that her relationship with Locky had come to an end, Izzy wished him good luck and reminded him how special his final two ladies were.

Tomorrow, in an epic season finale of The Bachelor Australia, Locky will pledge his love to either Irena or Bella.