Holey Moley reveals The Distractor

Holey Moley reveals The Distractor
Holey Moley is a whimsical land where sport and comedy collide as competitors battle for supremacy on insane, supersized mini golf holes, including The Distractor, the ultimate test of mind over matter.

Focus is the name of the game on The Distractor. One at a time, golfers will attempt a 12-foot putt while a rotating wall reveals a spectacular distraction designed to topple their putting game.

A troupe of carnival dancers, 1980s icon Joe Dolce singing Shaddap You Face, a trash-talking Agro and many more will take to the Holey Moley course with one clear mission – pure distraction.

Will competitors maintain their laser-sharp focus or will they be distracted by The Distractor?

What’s behind the wall? It could be anything or anyone. “I’d be disappointed if it wasn’t Beyoncé,” quips Holey Moley commentator Rob Riggle.

Holey Moley stars Greg Norman, Sonia Kruger, Rob Riggle and Matt Shirvington.


Holey Moley Coming soon to Channel 7