Hole in one lands pilot Jayden Lawson Holey Moley victory

Hole in one lands pilot Jayden Lawson Holey Moley victory
Holey Moley Australia 2020 Stills Photography By Paul A. Broben

It’s a birdie! It’s a plane! No! It’s jet-setter Jayden Lawson hitting a sky-high hole-in-one!

On last night’s episode of Holy Moley the pilot and his signature pink putter flew through the course and landed a trip to the Grand Final for a chance to win $100,000 on Greg Norman’s top-secret, Tomb of Nefer-Tee-Tee.

“I’m so accurate that I’ve shot two of my mates in the head with a golf ball. It’s that kind of accuracy and focus that’s going to win me the Grand Final,” said Jayden, who was coached by the legendary Charlie Earp, also responsible for coaching Jayden’s golfing hero and Holey Moley’s resident expert: Greg Norman.

It was a big night for fantastic firsts and terrible twists on the Holey Moley course. DJ Ben Watson was the first competitor to outrun the dunny doors on Hole Number Two. But the course proved the ultimate equaliser with pro golfer, Becky Kay, exiting the competition after failing to convert a second chance on the Distractor Duel.

Adam Page, who scored a hole-in-one on Fowl Play earlier in the evening, had some of the best putting we’ve seen to date… Right up until the part where he got himself knocked out in a final three-way putt-off. Ben was next to test himself on Frankenputt, taking two putts to get his ball on the checkered green, but there’s no points for second place. In a tense moment that took the audience’s breath away, Jayden’s ball felt the need – the need for speed – sinking straight into the hole and delivering instant Holey Moley glory.