Hobby Horsing Around In The Hunter Valley.

Hobby Horsing Around In The Hunter Valley.

Tonight The Amazing Race delivered a lot of surprises.

Heading back to the mainland, teams found themselves in Newcastle, home of the world-famous dance troupe Tap Dogs. Getting their dancing shoes on, they all had to perform a difficult routine to gain their next clue.

With Aleisha’s background as a tap dancer, The Geek and The Princess completed the challenge first and were on their way to the Hunter Valley.

Next, teams headed to Byalee Stables to perform dressage with a difference. Enter the hobby horses. A serious sport, each team was graded on synchronicity, accuracy, and performance.

Nailing their showmanship, Chris and Aleisha were off again in first place and headed to the Detour. Choosing Pit, they were tasked with pitting 200 olives with their bare hands.

The other teams arrived at the same Detour one by one and the race was on to complete it first. Trying to hide their working technique, Chris and Aleisha’s squish method quickly caught on.

And for the third time this leg, Chris and Aleisha headed off in first place for the next challenge. To find a needle in a haystack. Literally.

Armpit deep in hay, all teams adopted different strategies to search the hay. Finding their needle first was The Gold Coast Girls, who wasted no time in telling their allies what the object looked like.

With Chris and Aleisha close behind them, it was a footrace to the finish through the Hunter Valley Gardens. Landing on the mat first, The Gold Coast Girls took out their sixth win.