His Name Was Drawn, But He Was No Pawn

It was another night full of fake smiles and broken promises, with a new favourite sent to Jury Villa.

After Monday night’s Tribal Council twist, Gerry and Nina were stuck in isolation for 24 hours. Both Gerry and Nina were seething when they learnt they had been deceived as part of the game, and together, they had one common enemy: George. Simon picked his moment to walk over to isolation and suggested this could be the perfect opportunity for the three of them to turn on George. But in the cover of darkness, George was listening in to the entire conversation.

In the morning, George tried to do some damage control with Gerry, but Nina uses this to get Gerry on her side.

Later, at the Immunity Challenge, it was neck and neck between Simon and Matt, but ultimately Matt won the necklace yet again.

George, Matt and Liz confirmed that tonight needed to be another split vote on Simon and Nina – just like last night was supposed to be. For the first time in a long time George included Simon in on the strategy talk and Simon couldn’t be happier. Despite what he said to Nina and Gerry, Simon confirmed he was going to vote for Nina.

George and Matt head over to isolation to confirm the plan – even though Nina could hear everything. And Gerry was still seemingly left on the fence after George and Matt leave. Matt returned soon after, and Gerry asked him if he would consider blindsiding George with Nina. Matt was stunned, and the three of them discussed the options they had.

According to George, tonight’s Tribal Council was about rebuilding trust with his alliance and sticking with the plan, but tensions were through the roof. Simon doubled down on his theory that Matt, Gerry and Liz are just ‘pawns’ in Puppet Master George’s game. Gerry took offence and made his most powerful statement at Tribal Council yet, saying he has learnt so much from George as a mentor, coach and true friend, and is nobody’s pawn. Nina whispered to Simon “I don’t think he’s voting for George”. The vote revealed her suspicions were correct and it was a tie between Nina and Simon. On the revote, Simon was unanimously voted out.


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