High-Flyers Crash Landing on Hunted

In tonight’s episode of Hunted, brother-sister duo Byron and Tanase managed to slip away from the Hunters after a daring Instagram live taunt. Gamers, Ben and Callum declared a cyber warfare, while Glenn and Taylah kept the Hunters on their toes. But despite going to great heights, it was Megan and Gracie’s high-flying tactics that weren’t enough to keep the Hunters from closing in.

Following their provocative Instagram taunt, ground Hunter Teams Alpha, Charlie, and Delta raced to Byron and Tanase’s location. It was the nearest of near misses, as the siblings narrowly escaped through a back door and jumped into a waiting getaway car, and straight to a safe house provided by their Ghanaian contacts. With the trail growing cold, the chief assembled a team of professional Hunters to pursue new leads.

Meanwhile, Holly and Josh’s escape plan hit a snag when the desired camping location was closed, leading them to seek shelter at their friend Kester’s place. Unbeknown to them, Kester’s suspicious behaviour inadvertently bought them time as they narrowly escaped just before the Hunters arrived.

The team’s focus shifted to auntie and niece beauty duo, Megan and Gracie, who have been out of sight since day one. With a well-connected friend, Isaac, providing them with a private plane getaway to the Mornington Peninsula, they believed they had shaken off the relentless Hunters. Disguised as an old woman and young tradie, they boarded a ferry to Queenscliff, unaware that HQ had been investigating their impending contact, Kim. Their friend Ben was waiting for them at the ferry terminal and drove them to Kim’s work address, an art studio in Breakwater, Geelong.

Team Bravo interrogated Kim but found no leads until they discovered her alternate address. Tracking Kim’s movements, Team Bravo raced after Kim, anticipating her retrieval of the Fugitives, only to find an empty art studio and CCTV evidence revealing Megan and Gracie’s escape in a separate vehicle. Panicked, Megan swiftly contacted Ben for a backup plan, leading to a daring escape where they out manoeuvred Team Bravo by slipping away into a neighbour’s house while the Hunters closed in on Ben’s residence. But just as Megan and Gracie thought they had found a safe haven, HQ pinpointed Ben’s drop off location, a caravan park in Wincheslea, leading to the ultimate cat and mouse chase where Gracie was captured, but Megan managed to escape by a whisker.

17 Fugitives remain on the run as Hunted continues Wednesday night at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.


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