High Country Review

High Country Review

Today, Binge unveils its next Australian mystery in the form of High Country.

When High Country opens, detective Andrea ‘Andie’ Whiteford (Leah Purcell) is transferred to the High Country to take over from retiring Sergeant Sam Dyson (Ian McElhinney).

It’s not long before Andie faces a tough task when she encounters an abandoned car on a mountain road and her new team, consisting of Senior Constable Brett Sweet (Luke McKenzie) and fresh rookie Reza Borhani (Matt Domingo) must search for answers.

There’s a raft of locals to seek help from, including indigenous man Owen Cooper (Aaron Pederson), who knows the high country and its indigenous customs, and outcast Damien (Henry Nixon), who has links to a previous case and apparently has visions. But will small-town life help or hinder Andie’s investigation?

Meanwhile, on a personal front, Andie’s partner Helen (Sarah Wiseman) and teen daughter Kirra (Pez Warner) have also made the move from the city to the bush, and Kirra in particular is not happy about the change of scenery and struggles to fit in.

As the mystery deepens, so does the intrigue.

Also fleshing out the cast are Geoff Morell, Linda Leah Vandenberg, Nathaniel Dean, Jamie Timothy and Nicholas Bell.

In the wise hands of creators John Ridley and Marcia Gardner, who penned the first two episodes, the duo has created something of a twisty thrill ride with a standout performance from Leah Purcell, who will have you hooked from the outset.

If you’re looking for a new mystery to sink your teeth into, High Country is one not to miss!

4.5 Stars

The first two episodes of High Countryair TONIGHT at 8:30pm on Showcase/Binge, with new episodes every week.


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