Hell’s Kitchen dishes up a double elimination

It was a battle for the ages last night as Marco announced a double elimination this week.

Facing the prospect of elimination were Jess Lincon and Issa.  The trio had to cook Marco’s dish of blue eyed cod with saffron potatoes and a smoked paprika and mayonnaise sauce.

Of the three dishes servered to Marco  Lincoln’s  Barramundi fillet with boiled potatoes and saffron, turmeric, accompanied by a sweet paprika mayonnaise tasted the best despite  using three spices in his potatoes, the wrong fish and the wrong spice in his sauce.

Jess’s Barramundi fillet with boiled potatoes and saffron, accompanied by a hot paprika mayonnaise.  used the wrong fish and wrong spice in her sauce.  while Jess’ fish was under-cooked in certain parts.

Issa’s Blue-Eyed Cod fillet with boiled potatoes and turmeric, accompanied by a sweet paprika mayonnaise was overcooked and contained the wrong spices therefore ending his time in Hell’s Kitchen.

Marco had high praise for both celebrities before dismissing them

Jess, when I think only a few weeks ago how you struggled, but that inner determination, now I know why you won those medals,’ Marco told the Olympian  ‘What you have inside is exceptional and special.’

He then told Issa that he is a ‘class act”   ‘I bet there were moments you wanted to throw the towel in, but you never did,’ he said.

‘I know you’re annoyed because I’m crying again,’ Issa told Marco.

‘But it has been so wonderful and everyone here has been so lovely…I liked the banter we had Marco, it has been fun, sorry for being a bit cheeky at times!’

Marco continued the praise, telling Issa: ‘You’re a very rare human being and I’ve really enjoyed my time with you.’ He added: ‘The truth is, Jess and Issa, Hell’s Kitchen will not be the same without you.’