HEIDI Departs Big Brother as a Double Eviction Looms

HEIDI Departs Big Brother as a Double Eviction Looms

Last night Heidi became the next housemate to depart the Big Brother house.

Heidi was evicted from the BIG BROTHER House after receiving the lowest percentage of public votes, 8% to save her.

The remaining Housemates with votes to save them were Drew 16%, Tully 11%, Tahan 17%, Ben 24% and Tim 24%.

While the Housemates were still reeling from shock eviction, BIG BROTHER instructed Sonia to deliver a further bombshell – she informed the House that next week is to be a DOUBLE Eviction. Except . . . It is a big, fat, FAKE.

The king of mind games, BIG BROTHER has decided that next week there will be one REAL eviction – for the Housemate with the lowest amount of votes to save and one FAKE eviction – for the Housemate with the highest amount of votes to save. The remaining Housemates will believe two have left when, in fact, that week’s fake evictee will be taken to a secret location and is still very much in the BIG BROTHER game.

This all adds up to tonight being the most important nominations to date and an explosive week ahead.

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