Heartbreaking News leads to All Star Exit

Tonight Survivor All Stars said farewell to one of the best players to ever grace the game.

In heartbreaking and deeply emotional scenes Lee Carseldine chose to leave the game immediately, following the news that his mother had suffered a stroke.

At camp KaloKalo, Shonee was feeling blue about losing her closest ally, Harry at last night’s tribal council and realised she needed to start making some connections to the other players to avoid getting voted out next.

It was time to get dirty at the reward challenge, where the tribe were split into two groups and, in pairs, had to slide down into a mud pit and race to get a ball to shoot into a goal. The first team to score five goals would win themselves an Aussie BBQ with the works.

After fighting it out, Mo scored the winning goal for her team made up of David, Sharn, Brooke and Zach and the five of them were off to lunch, prepped and ready to get the meat sweats!

Things got emotional when the team were surprised with letters from home. Moana’s sister drew her a picture and she was too overwhelmed to read it out so Sharn stepped in and read it to the group.

There wasn’t a dry eye on the beach as they all shared their messages and spoke about how special their families are to them.

Back at camp, Lee was called away to take a phone call from home. Lee was told that his mother, Beth had had a stroke and was in a critical condition.

Devastated by the news, Lee was consoled by Tarzan and then Jacqui. He decided to leave the competition to be by his family’s side and tearfully farewelled the entire tribe before leaving the game for good.

Saddened by the news of Lee’s mother’s health, the tribe entered the immunity Challenge in a sombre mood, but knew they must carry on without Lee and compete for immunity.

While treading water, the contestants had to balance a ball in an overhead chute. If their ball fell from the chute, they were out of the challenge.

Most of the competitors dropped out, leaving David and Shonee battling it out for Immunity. Despite turbulent waters, Shonee outlasted David after an impressive two hours and five minutes and was awarded Immunity.

As the tribe prepared for Tribal Council, Moana, Zach, Tarzan, David, Sharn and Jacqui agreed to split their votes between Brooke and AK. Knowing they were on the bottom, AK, Brooke and Shonee tried to lure Sharn to vote with them but it was unclear which side Sharn would take.

As a back up plan, AK approached David to work with him and vote Brooke out. While Brooke and Shonee considered turning on AK. Oooft!

At Tribal Council, there was clear divide between the old Vakama and the old Mokuta. However, all plans were thrown out the window when Jonathan announced that the three people with the most number of votes will go to Exile. Then, at the next Tribal Council, three more people will be voted to join them on Exile before competing in a number of challenges to determine who will be sent home.

Things are about to get interesting over at Exile with Moana, AK and Brooke receiving the most votes and being cast off.

My thoughts are with Lee and his family at this time