Hawaii Five 0 Resumes

Hawaii Five 0 Resumes

Australia s Alex O’Loughlin returns to our screens next week when Ten continues Hawaii Five 0 .

The 3rd season resumes  from Epiesode 11 ” KAHU” which aired in the US in December

After arresting a junkie who was foolish enough to try and carjack him, McGarrett encounters a 13
year-old boy named Ethan, currently in holding for causing a ruckus at the HPD station. Ethan tells
McGarrett that his father, Bruce Awana, has gone missing and he is really worried about him.
McGarrett listens to his story, gets hooked, and starts to investigate. When he and Catherine find a pool
of blood and signs of a break in at Bruce’s store in Ka’a’awa, they realize they have a potential murder
on their hands.


source 10



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