Have You Been Paying Attention? September 29

Have You Been Paying Attention? September 29

Next week Have You Been Paying Attention? has assembled a cracking panel.

He is the affable Hamish Blake, and he will break free from lockdown this Monday night to let loose and bring his much-loved boisterious personality to Have You Been Paying Attention?

Fellow comedians Anne Edmonds and Hayley Sproull will compete with Hamish for the Have You Been Paying Attention? win alongside series regulars Sam Pang and Ed Kavalee. You can safely rely on this motley crew to nut through an hour of content that is unlikely to inform, but guaranteed to leave you hanging for more.

Come join us on the hunt for a correct answer with Quizmaster Tom Gleisner, who returns to navigate the fresh stingers from our unruly quintet.

9pm Monday on 10