Havana Brown Farewells The Jungle.

International DJ, producer and performer Havana Brown was voted by Australia to leave the jungle 

Havana splashed into the South African jungle just over five weeks ago, arriving via canoe with fellow camp mate Dean Geyer. Armed with a big smile, she took no time at all adjusting to camp life and quickly made friends with her fellow celebrities.

During her time in the jungle, Havana committed fully to each Trial and Challenge. She competed in two Tucker Chewsday Trials, first with Anthony Callea in Feeding Time and later with Brendan Fevola in Wreck-Fast. In both trials, Havana managed to collect stars for   vbcfhgcamp.

In the epic team challenge, Celeb Tug of War, Havana took on Laurina Fleure in what was one of the longest contests of the day. Although Havana eventually lost to Laurina, the pocket-sized entertainer gave it her all.

In the Tucker Trial Sticky Wiki, Havana competed for food alongside Paul “The Chief” Harragon and Laurina. Havana won three stars for camp after she completed a reading of facts from her Wikipedia page while being doused in slime and maggots.

In her final trial on the show, Havana tackled the Wheel of Misfortune. Nominated for the task by departing camp mate Val Lehman, Havana did her best to retrieve three stars from tanks full of critters and slime, while being spun 360 degrees on a wheel.

In one of the most touching moments of the series so far, Havana and Paul fed orphaned baby rhinos as part of the Chest Challenge, Rhino Rescue.

Havana formed some close friendships with her fellow camp mates. She shared some personal stories with Laurina, revealing she has suffered anxiety since she was eight years old. Havana also struck an unlikely friendship with her camp bed neighbour and cricket legend Shane Warne and played a key role in setting up the King Of Spin with her good friend, model, actress and television personality Carmen Electra.