Has Farmer Rob met his love match?

Has Farmer Rob met his love match?

Farmer Wants A Wife, our Farmers and ladies frocked up for the country ball, where Farmer Rob introduced his four new ladies to the group and the blossoming romance between Farmer Andrew and 27-year-old community relations worker stirred up jealousy with 28-year-old retail manager, Ash.

Farmer Sam and Farmer Matt’s new ladies, chosen by their mums, caused a seismic shift in the dynamic back on their respective farms. “The house is very uncomfortable this morning,” said deadpanned 24-year-old oncology nurse Mackenzie. “I think having Chelsea here; we’re almost back at square one. The boat has been rocked and it’s causing a bit of tension in the house.”

Twenty-five-year-old personal assistant, Hayley, is worried her connection with Matt isn’t strong enough since Jacqui’s arrival. “I’m scared because obviously, I do have strong feelings for him.”

Not ready to let Farmer Rob give up on love, host Natalie Gruzlewski introduced the Snowy Mountains Farmer to four new ladies in the hope that the lightning bolt connection Rob was missing could be found.

When Rob sat down to meet his four new ladies, sparks flew. Fifty-two-year-old country lawyer Sarah; 36-year-old psychologist, Kate; 40-year-old horse nutritionist, Vici; and 38-year-old mountain guide, Leah, all warmed to the father of two. Leah liked what she saw. “He has a beautiful presence, lovely energy. He’s someone I could spend a lot of time with.”

Rob was equally impressed, saying, “Nat’s done a brilliant job today. It’s very flattering to have an amazing bunch of smart and attractive women here.”

The Farmers and their ladies gathered at the country ball, where Rob was warmly welcomed back as he introduced his new farm guests Sarah, Kate, Vici and Leah to the group.

Live music played as the Farmers and their ladies filled the dance-floor before couples splintered off for one-on-one conversations.   

Jess grabbed Andrew for an intimate chat in plain view of Ash. Ash watched on as Jess whisked Andrew away. To camera, Ash said: “Jealousy is a big kick in the guts. Sitting back and seeing that is really hard. Yes, we had a great date, but I’m not getting shown the attention that I would hope I’d be getting. It hurts my heart, yeah.”        

Meanwhile, Jess confessed her feelings to Andrew. “When I met you, everything changed and I feel like you’re so good. I’m honestly so happy I met you. I’m so grateful and I think you’re awesome.” Andrew leant in and the pair shared a passionate kiss.


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