Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now gets April premiere date

Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now gets April premiere date
Harvey Weinstein arrives at the Manhattan Criminal Court, on February 24, 2020 in New York City. - The jury in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial hinted it was struggling to reach agreement on the most serious charge of predatory sexual assault as day four of deliberations ended February 21, 2020 without a verdict. The 12 jurors asked New York state Judge James Burke whether they could be hung on one or both of the top counts but unanimous on the three lesser counts. The disgraced movie mogul, 67, faces life in prison if the jury of seven men and five women convict him of a variety of sexual misconduct charges in New York. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP) (Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

Harvey Weinstein may be behind bars, but the stories of the women he harmed will no longer be locked up. In the new series ID Breaking Now airing next month

Investigation Discovery (ID) will uncover, for the first time, unknown details behind some of today’s most heinous crimes, beginning with Hollywood’s most hated man, Harvey Weinstein.  T

In October 2017, news story broke around the world and created a movement that changed everything. Hollywood’s worst kept secret was out, and insiders were reeling. Many in the industry knew that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator and a creep, but when he was finally held accountable, the world was thinking: How did this go on for so long? Carefully detailed reporting and exhaustive investigations led to a watershed moment of sexual harassment activism, serving as the catalyst that spawned the most culturally recognisable women’s rights movements of the decade. Investigation Discovery reveals how the seemingly untouchable entertainment tycoon got away with his unimaginable crimes for decades.


Weinstein has had his day in court, and the time to listen to his story is over. Now it is time for the survivors to speak out.  In Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now, viewers will hear from actress Rosanna Arquette and Rowena Chiu, Weinstein’s former assistant who was bound by a non-disclosure agreement that previously silenced her. Plus Tarale Wulff and Katherine Kendall, aspiring actresses, who gave evidence in the trial, share their stories in intimate, in-depth interviews included alongside a one-on-one with Amber Gutierrez, the woman who wore the wire that captured the infamous audio that helped to lead to Weinstein’s conviction and sentencing.


Raw and exposed, these women have felt the consequences of sharing their truth and have accepted the burden but, this special does not stop there. Seth Freedman, the man who was Weinstein’s spy, speaks out and reveals the hit list of people Weinstein wanted silenced. This documentary also interviews Weinstein’s lawyers, operatives and cronies, exposing just how far this monster went to keep a secret that he knew was bound to get out. 


Harvey Weinstein thought he ruled the world, until the world turned against him, and now everything is coming out in Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now.

The one-hour special Harvey Weinstein: ID Breaking Now premieres on Tuesday 21 April at 8:30pm on Investigation Discovery.