Harrision brings the Dinner Party Dama

Harrision brings the Dinner Party Dama

It’s been two weeks since the start of the Married at First Sight experiment, and the couples prepare for the second Dinner Party after an eventful Intimacy Week. Most look forward to tonight, especially Claire and Jesse who will be entering the Dinner Party together for the very first time. However, there are some couples who have struggled with the topic of Intimacy this week and who will be entering the Dinner Party tonight in a bad place – none more so than Cam and Lyndall. They have their very first argument after Lyndall reveals that she and Claire saw Shannon with a mystery woman and child on the weekend, and she wants to bring it up tonight. Frustrated that Lyndall has once again been caught up in the group drama, Cam storms out of the apartment.

The couples arrive one by one to the cocktail party, but gasps fill the room when Caitlin walks in, alone. Lyndall reveals to Caitlin that she saw Shannon on the weekend with who she believes to be his ex and child. Caitlin is shocked and devastated but does mention to the girls that Shannon said he was meeting his ‘cousin’ on the weekend, leaving the girls to question who he was seeing.

Seated directly next to Shannon, Claire is quick to address who she and Lyndall saw him with, which captures the attention of the entire table. Shannon is quick to deflect that he was with his cousin and her child, but Claire is left feeling unconvinced.

Seeing Sandy and Dan getting along at the table, Janelle pulls Tahnee aside to reveal that she overheard Adam on the phone to Harrison who went out with Dan on the weekend, and that Dan got a woman’s phone number – she needs advice on what to do with this information. Meanwhile, back at the table, Adam tells Harrison that Janelle wants to speak about what she overheard. Harrison is quick to shut Adam down. Before Adam can say anything further, Tahnee asks for him and Ollie to join her and Janelle in the other room, leaving Harrison alone at the table. In the interview, Harrison comes clean that it was in-fact himself who got a woman’s number on the weekend (not Dan).

Harrison storms into the room where the others are sitting and confronts them by asking them to keep quiet about what they know. It doesn’t take long for Harrison to realise that Janelle, Adam, Tahnee, and Ollie, believe that it’s Dan who got the woman’s phone number. Harrison takes this as an opportunity to throw Dan under the bus, in order to keep him out of any drama and elects to go and ‘speak to Dan’.

Harrison pulls Dan aside privately and reveals to him that the group knows about the phone number situation over the weekend, and that they think it’s both him and Dan who got numbers. Confused by this, Dan confirms that he did not get a woman’s number on the weekend but appreciates Harrison telling him what the group have been talking about. Back at the table, Dan is quick to tell his wife, Sandy about the rumours that have been swirling around the dinner table, but she doesn’t understand why Dan’s name would be brought up about getting a woman’s phone number if it wasn’t the case. Overwhelmed, Sandy walks out of the Dinner Party.

Bronte clocks Sandy’s unexpected departure and questions Harrison as to what has gone wrong. Harrison finally comes clean to Bronte about getting a woman’s phone number and says that nothing happened, and the group are just causing drama. However, in a surprise turn of events, Bronte is unaffected by this news and understands that Harrison is a ‘good-looking guy’ and so it’s natural for women to hit on him.

When the group eventually all catch on to the lies and rumours Harrison has been spinning throughout the night, Claire confronts Harrison about what happened with the phone number. Harrison defends himself that he did nothing wrong, and despite the group’s objections, Bronte comes to Harrison’s defence and doubles down on Harrison’s innocence, silencing the group’s opinions.


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