Happy 6th Birthday Ryno’s TV

Happy 6th Birthday Ryno’s TV

Another year has passed and it was definitely the best one for the site to date.

2018 saw the beginning of a new era in Erinsborough with Neighbours announcing it was going year-round; My Kitchen Rules booted a team from the table; Netflix released its first full Australian original in the form of Tidelands – all of these helped give the site some its best figures so far.

On the site front, not much has really changed, but I merged to finally find my groove, bringing the highest number of reviews yet, with Fighting Season smashing it out of the park to be the most successful one. These will continue to be the main focal point in 2019 with so many new things on offer.

I truly enjoy the journey that the site has evolved into, but it’s nothing without the support of some fine people. First and foremost, the incredibly loyal audience – from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. It truly means a lot.

To the publicists – there are way too many to mention personally, so a simple thank you for all your support.

Thanks must go to Bianca, Andrew and Laura, for helping to get the Twitter-sphere talking. Special thanks to Chris Khoury, for being a huge supporter and being there as a sounding board when needed. Also to Ryan Brink, who runs the Brink Of Reality Podcast – who knew a TV show would be the starting point of a great friendship? But it was and I am forever grateful to be the LaPaglia to your Probest. Thank you for all your support and the new Twitter logo.

Thanks must also go out to Steve Molk and Kevin Perry at TV Blackbox Nadine at Gossip Communications, Anthony Farrell at The Pop Hub, and Victoria at Just Me, Victoria, for their continued support and for answering questions, even though they are in fact running their own sites, all of which are linked above.

To Courtney Lewdon, you’re always last on this because you’re the hardest to write, but you know how treasured our friendship is and how thankful I am for it – thank you for all that you do.

So, as a spectacular sixth year draws to a close, here’s hoping a seventh one is just as special, if not more.