Happy 3rd Birthday Ryno’s TV

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryno’s TV

Sometimes dreams are meant to be reached but it’s not without a few twists and turns, and a lot of hard work.

As the site celebrates its third birthday today, that statement couldn’t be more accurate. For a dream that turned into a reality, it hasn’t been an easy journey (Courtney can back me up on that), but a majorly rewarding one

2015 saw a few key changes happen, the major one, of course, being adding Presto and Foxtel to the networks to keep track of. The return of A Place to Call Home was a huge story, giving the site some of it’s best figures to date. The 30th year of Neighbours was really spectacular, with a few birth, deaths and marriages thrown in for good measure.

After smashing 2015, 2016 promises to be more talkative  than ever, with a 6th season of Offspring, the launch of an Australian Survivor and new Australian drama among other things  to review and enjoy.

Now there are a few people who deserve a few thanks. First and foremost, it would be nothing without you the readers, so thanks for reading and commenting – it is truly appreciated. Thanks also must go to Bianca and Andrew for helping to get the Twitter-sphere talking. Special thanks also to Chris Khoury: you’re a legend for many different things. Finally, to the publicists at the networks, your help is appreciated and thanks for making it easy to do and for your support.

On the Twitter front, thanks must go to Johanna Griggs, Olympia Valance and the awesome Winners and Losers team, mainly Dan Barrett, Virginia Gay and Emma Gordon, Marts Dusseldorp Sara Wisemen, Carla Bonner, Travis Burns,  Rebekah Elmaloglou, Lisa Gromley, Dan Ewing, and Gina Liano, just to name a few who have been kind enough to retweet or converse with me. It is truly amazing

Huge thanks must also go out to Steve Molk and Kevin Perry at Decider TV, Nadine at Gossip Communications, Anthony Farrell at The Pop Hub, and Victoria at 30 Years of Neighbours  for their continued support and for answering questions even though they are in fact running their own sites, which are linked above.

To Courtney Lewdon, you are imperative in this journey in so many ways and I really can’t thank you enough for being on this journey from the very beginning and dealing with the ups downs, crazy ideas, and many different things you do in a professional sense and on a personal level You’re one in a million.. We will most definitely be friends for life.

So as the terrific third year comes to a close, here’s hoping that year four will be just as fantastic and even better than the previous three.