Hap and Leonard returns to Showcase

Hap and Leonard will make it’s long awaited return to Showcase next week.

This is season 2 which has just wrapped a few weeks ago in the US it contains just 6 episodes.

The boys are back… with mojo! Hap and Leonard find themselves in mucho-trouble as they unravel a murder mystery with more twists and turns. The story begins with a skeleton, Trudy’s missing ashes, a pissing match with a neighbourhood drug dealer, and a piece of MeMaw’s fresh baked pie. When Leonard is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, Hap and attorney Florida Grange must work to clear his name. The only things standing in their way are Hap’s unquenchable thirst for Florida, a serial killer, bad mojo and themselves.

9.30pm Monday May 8 on Showcase.