Halo Review

Halo Review
Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief in Halo Season 1, Episode 5, streaming on Paramount+. Photo credit: Adrienne Szabo/Paramount+

Paramount+ has finally dropped the long-awaited Halo.

When we begin the year is 2552 and the action opens on an outpost on planet Madrigal, who have been fighting for independence from Earth and the UNSC. Kwan (Yerin Ha) and her friends venture outside the outpost, and while they have success in finding what they set out for, things take a drastic turn when Kwan stumbles upon a ship. Despite her best efforts, chaos ensues as Covenant aliens decimate the outpost in a battle that sets the stage moving forward while introducing us to the Spartans, an unstoppable team of warriors led by Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber).

At the UNSC headquarters on the planet Reach, scientist Dr Catherine Halsey (Natasha McElhone) walks a fine line between her own plans to control the Spartans and obeying the opposing views from higher-ups. It’s a clever fight, with Halsey doing her best to not rock the boat while still ultimately getting her way.

Everything is thrown into chaos when Master Chief also known as John 117, finds a relic on Madrigal- but giving anything more away, spoils the fun.

Creators Kyle Killen and Steven Kane have skilfully made the show accessible to non-game players by giving the series a separate timeline to the very popular game. The pilot is also balanced in world-building and introducing key players, however, the biggest flaw of the pilot is the fast paced exposition in the opening sequence that requires the audience to pay close attention to catch key plot points. Once through the chaos, though, the pilot is brilliantly executed and sets up a thrilling season.

Casting Pablo Schreiber is a masterstroke at selling the series from behind the mask, and McElhone gives a performance that shows both a maternal and a slightly darker side to her character.

Full of action and an intriguing story Halo is bound to appeal to fans and non-game players alike.

4 Stars

Halo episode one is now out on Paramount+ with new episodes released weekly.


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