Guinness World Records, Lie Detectors And A Cocktail Party Confrontation.

Guinness World Records, Lie Detectors And A Cocktail Party Confrontation.

n tonight’s explosive episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Brooke and Jamie-Lee made Guinness World Record history, the participants had a sit-down with human lie detector Steven Van Aperen, and after a tense cocktail party, Ryan and Jessica were sent home.

For tonight’s single date, Brooke selected Jamie-Lee to join her atop of the Sydney Tower Eye. Osher announced that on this special date, Jamie Lee and Brooke would set a new world record for the longest on screen TV kiss. The record the women had to beat was four minutes and 10 seconds, but the competitive streak in them strung out their kiss to five minutes.

Later, the two got cosy in a lounge that overlooked the city and Brooke presented Jamie-Lee with the official record certificate for their kiss. The two opened up about what they were looking for in their relationship, with both agreeing they wanted a best friend in their partner. Jamie-Lee felt confident about her feelings toward Brooke and felt that Brooke had similar feelings towards her.

For tonight’s group date, Brooke invited human lie detector Steven Van Aperen along to help her figure out who was genuine and who may not be.

Whilst noting Konrad, Darvid and Jamie-Lee as being genuine connections that could lead to love, Steve was apprehensive about Ryan after speaking with Kurt.

During his chat with Kurt, Steve confronted him about some of the others in the mansion. Kurt let on that Ryan had been spending lots of time with Jamie-Lee and their body language raised red flags for him. Kurt was unsure of his intentions but his gut feeling told him that Ryan had feelings for her. 

When confronted by Steve, Ryan was surprised to hear the accusations against him, though his avoidant body language told he was uncomfortable talking to Steve about Jamie-Lee.

At a tense cocktail party, Brooke pulled Jamie-Lee aside to get her take on the accusations and why she hadn’t come to her first about the rumours. An emotional Jamie-Lee defended her relationship with Ryan, saying it was purely friendship and she was only there for Brooke.

With only 10 roses to give out, Ryan and Jess were sent home.


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